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Patients' voice: Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital just like home

Today, I interview some patients with kidney disease in Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital. We have a good time there. All the patients are satisfied with the environment here. I summarized some points as follow:
Interviewer: How do you think of life here? Can you adapt to the life in China?
Patients:I like life here very much. All doctors and nurses here are very kindly and warm hearted, they give us many helps in both life and treatment here. I felt here just like my home, all the friend here care and help each other. We regard each other as family members.Herbal Medicine Treats Kidney Disease
Interviewer: which kidney disease treatment is the most attractive for you?
Patients: Micro-Chinese Medicine. Before I came here, my brother has treated his broken legs in our countries by Micro-Chinese Medicine therapy. I have seen the good effects of Micro-Chinese Medicine therapy. I have looked for a kidney disease hospital which has very good Micro-Chinese Medicine therapy for long time. When I looked over the website, I found Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital has treated many patients with kidney disease by Micro-Chinese Medicine therapy and most of them are still in good state now. So I finally choose Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital to treat my kidney disease. The effects have proved that I have made a right choice because I am in very good state now. My high blood pressure has decreased and High Creatinine Levels has decreased. Now I am just like a normal people. Very good, Micro-Chinese Medicine therapy in china!
Interviewer: would you please give us some suggestions about our website so that we can do more things for patients with kidney disease just like you?

Patients: you had better add some real stories about patients who checked in your hospital and they have been cured successfully. And you need pay much attention to patients’ thoughts and voice so that you can do better for kidney disease patients here.

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