Kidney stones

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Doctors Hello: left ureter end stones, associated with the left kidney mild hydrocephalus. Stomach pain. Now eat Chinese. B-show: the kidneys of normal size and left renal collecting system separation 1.5cm. The inner diameter of 0.8cm upper ureteral lumen end to see a 0.6cm hyperechoic spot, with sound, the right no exception. Eat Chinese or Western medicine? The best medical program of the what is it?
Kidney disease doctor:
Hello: According to what you said the size of the stone can be considered for treatment with drugs! Taking the row of stone granules or treated with traditional Chinese medicine!
Kidney patients: doctors: Stones can be discharged from it? Discharged from this painful? Now hurts the medication it?
Nephrotic doctors: active treatment is no problem!

Kidney stones, I plan to become pregnant

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Hello doctor go to the hospital to check on a few days ago, the doctor said the kidney there is a small stone, I had the idea of the plan to become pregnant, kidney stones will have an impact on this, there is what causes kidney stones, Thank you very much waiting for your reply
Kidney disease doctor:
Hello: Under normal circumstances, there is no much impact. There are many reasons that cause kidney stones: physical factors, some kind of special easy long stones; there is because of geographical factors and eating habits.

My children back pain

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Child is now three and a half, and shouted back pain for half a year, back pain location the armpit just below the the waist soft tissues (is probably kidney area) every night before going to bed with the morning wake up shouting, more powerful, and sometimes wake up at night shouting back pain, I had to help him, rub before do not cry, do not cry to play during the day when the basic, accompanied by the phenomenon of nocturnal enuresis and bedwetting (very normal to start from the age of one), daytime urine, stool often not forming checked urine, done Pancreatic the splenorenal B super, no problem. Ask the experts: the child in the end how are you? Nephropathy, or kidney or other problems? Look forward to reply in detail.
Kidney disease doctor:
Hello, If the check is no problem, then you do not have to worry too much about children with with SHENLINGBAISHU scattered.

I would like to ask, I is not got pyelonephritis?

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Experts, Hello! Yesterday I went to the hospital to check the kidney, the results are as follows: urobilinogen - 16 umol / L bile line element 17 umol / L of ketone bodies 1 1.5 umol / L blood - cells / uL protein 1 0.3 g / L of nitrite - leukocytes 1 70 cells / uL glucose - mmol / L specific gravity 1.025 PH 6.5 for the test results, please reply to me as soon as possible, thank you!
The nephrotic doctor replied:
Hello: I am pyelonephritis. But do not rule out strenuous exercise, mental stress and other factors caused transient proteinuria, it is recommended to take a look at review time.
I want to know how to look at the above symptoms, kidney patients: Can you help me explain this? What is normal and what is not normal, should pay attention to what? I every day hanging Pioneer, Will the effect? Thank you!
The nephrotic doctor replied:
Hello: urobilin original - 16 umol / L, which is normal. Biliary line element 1 17 umol / L of ketone bodies 1 1.5 umol / L, the positive multi consider chronic diseases such as diabetes, pregnancy reaction. Blood - cells / uL, normal. Protein 1 0.3 g / L, more consideration kidney disease. Nitrite - white blood cells 1 70 cells / uL, infection of the urinary system. Glucose - mmol / L existing treatment is feasible, it is recommended that after the end of treatment, the review of renal function and urine.
Kidney patients:
Sorry, of bilirubin 17umol / L;, ketone bodies 1.5umol / L, positive more consideration to chronic diseases such as diabetes, pregnancy reaction. 3 protein 1 0.3g / L, more consideration kidney disease, severe it? I have not quite understand
Nephropathy Doctor: Hello: This means that if you have those diseases, checks, these values ​​are mostly positive, the value is relatively high.
Kidney patients:
That from now the numerical point of view, my condition is positive or negative? Please advise!
Nephropathy the doctor: Hello: because it is not the same laboratory equipment used by the various hospitals generally have a normal range of values ​​in the back of the check value. Your treatment is sufficient, adhere to the completion of the treatment can be.
Kidney patients:
Yes, I know, I would like to thank you for your reply!
Kidney disease doctor:
You're welcome, we should.


Mild hydronephrosis

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I have a question to ask me to the hospital today detected a mild hydronephrosis of the left kidney. This is the disease really good rehabilitation? With surgery? Or drug treatment? Thank you! Excuse me!
Kidney disease experts answer:
Hello, urine from the renal pelvis discharge blocked, accumulation increased intrarenal pressure, renal pelvis dilatation, renal parenchymal atrophy, dysfunction, known as hydronephrosis. You are now the key is to figure out the cause of the cause hydronephrosis, the site of obstruction, presence or absence of infection and renal function injury situation. I suggest doing kidney CT clarify the above problem.

Do i have nephritis?

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Hello: Thank you of his busy schedule to answer my question, thank you! My friend last physical examination, urine test results: occult blood 2 +, other are normal, and he has no other discomfort, will how to defend the treatment he had nephritis??
Kidney patients answered: Hello: should also not nephritis so serious urinary tract infections caused. For renal function tests to see if. If just a urinary tract infection, oral norfloxacin treatment.

About hematuria

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Suffering from acute pyelonephritis in 2000, after treatment, urine culture negative, but urine check erythrocytes 2-4/HP, specific gravity 1.010, PH value of 7.00 (Shanghai Zhongshan Hospital), all other normal, this situation persists It has been five years since, Is this a long-term situation of hematuria bear in code? There is a way to cure the code?
Kidney disease doctor replied: Hello: The main or anti-inflammatory treatment, suspected or kidney damage, it is recommended to review B-.
Kidney patients: renal function tests down all normal, whether the description does not damage the kidneys?
The kidney doctor answer: Hello: It is recommended oral antibiotic therapy, periodic review routine urine.
Kidney patients: Hello experts: I pyelonephritis acute exacerbation, red blood cells only 3-5/HP, cephalosporins continuous injection therapy for a month, did not disappear completely, and then oral antibiotics Xi engraved labor tablets and new benomyl piece of the past six months, there is still a small amount of red blood cells, but never increase, so I think the fundamental and antibiotic treatment of red blood cells had no effect, yesterday to see a doctor, and rationing of levofloxacin lactate tablets, I really did not dare to take , but do not know how to do long-term so that a small amount of hematuria will into uremia, ask the doctor to help me look extremely grateful!
The kidney doctor replied: Hello: generally do not cause kidney damage does not appear uremia. Appear hematuria kidney inflammation caused. Eat antibiotic treatment to relieve inflammation stimulate, to relieve symptoms of hematuria.


Polycystic kidney disease is what kind of disease?

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Experts Hello: I am 22 years old my mother because of polycystic kidney disease death, I would like to ask the polycystic kidney disease is what kind of disease? Whether there are genetic? Can be cured?
Kidney disease experts answer:
The Hello: involving bilateral kidney congenital cystic kidney Department. The intrarenal covered cysts of varying sizes, some inter-communication, kidney volume increased with compression of the renal parenchyma to atrophy resulting in dysfunction, until chronic renal failure. Polycystic kidney disease is divided into two types: infantile autosomal recessive, often accompanied by other congenital malformations than died within a few months; adult-onset autosomal dominant, the incidence of more than middle-aged, often accompanied by the liver, spleen, pancreas polycystic ovary, bone and organ lesions and intracranial aneurysm. Clinically, most patients have a family history, more men than women, the performance of different. The common performance: (1) waist abdominal pain: for the majority of patients the first symptom was persistent or paroxysmal ranging tired after the increase. (2) hematuria: often the first symptom, about half of the people for intermittent painless gross hematuria. (3) abdominal mass: multi-bilateral upper abdominal palpable tumor sizes. (4) can have high blood pressure with dizziness, headache. (5) renal insufficiency: markedly abnormal renal function tests, urine specific gravity low and fixed. (6) about 1/4 of patients with renal colic performance and frequent urination, urgency and discomfort. X-ray, B ultrasound, MRI and other tests to help diagnose. Treatment principle to non-surgical therapy and surgical treatment of intractable pain only, renal artery pressure, treatment of ureteropelvic obstruction and complications such as stones, empyema. As for the genetic may be genetic.

Consult a kidney function problem

Health counseling description:
I, male, 53 years old. Yesterday, I renal function tests, creatinine 145umol / L uric acid 437umol / L, (blood urea nitrogen 5.50 mmol / L), I do not know the problem is not so big? Recent period, the lower back is often sore, very uncomfortable. Is there a problem? (I had high blood pressure for more than 20 years, diagnosed with primary aldosteronism 2003, after a laparoscopic surgery, the blood pressure high pressure good, basic 130-110, but low pressure in between 90-80, when it's cold also higher, eat antihypertensive drugs, that is, the pressure difference is small, only 20-30.)
The kidney specialists answer: Hello, there are some problems, but not great, the proposed adjustment with traditional Chinese medicine.


The investigation parathyroid hormone index is 576, and how is it treat?

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The investigation parathyroid hormone index is 576, and how is it treated?
The kidney specialists answer: Hello: increased parathyroid hormone: primary hyperparathyroidism, secondary hyperparathyroidism, the third sex hyperparathyroidism, pseudo parathyroid low ectopic secretion of PTH, vitamin D deficiency, fluorosis, pseudo gout. So now you have these symptoms? Detailed, please?
Kidney patients: My father is now so weak, convulsions, vomiting, coughing, chest tightness, shortness of breath, and hypocalcemia hypertension, has been 15 months hemodialysis Hsi.
The nephropathy experts answer: he went circumstances is difficult to determine a set of formal treatment side by! Treatment should strengthen nutrition! Diet as much as possible not to eat spicy, greasy food is best based on a light diet mainly!

I have minimal change nephrotic syndrome

Health counseling description:
March 27 caused by a cold lower extremity edema, urine routine laboratory protein +3, high blood lipids, April 8 diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome (renal biopsy at the Beijing Friendship Hospital diagnosed) medication: prednisone 12 60mg breakfast clothing, 2 D-containing calcium, 3 times / day, famotidine 20mg, 2 times / day, Ganlixin 150mg 3 times / day, nephritis rehabilitation piece 5, 3 times / day. April 18 laboratory: total protein 4.78g/dl; globulin 2.16g/dl; albumin 2.62g/dl; white ball ratio 1.21; total cholesterol 307mg/dl; HDL cholesterol 87mg/dl; low density lipoprotein cholesterol 198mg/dl; mean corpuscular volume 98.8fl; mean corpuscular hemoglobin 32.5pg; scarlet small plates ratio 30%; platelet hematocrit of 30%; reticulocyte maturation index of 5.4%. Normal urine. May 6, in our local hospital laboratory: albumin 44g / L; total protein 55.8 g / L; globulin 11.8g / L; white ball ratio 3.73; total cholesterol of 6.68 mmol / L; high-density lipoprotein protein 1.36mmols / L; low density lipoprotein 3.36 mmol / L; leukocyte 11.7; tropic medium granulocyte 8.80; the addicted medium percentage of granulocytes 74.9; lymphocyte percentage 18.7; eosinophils 0.00; the percentage of eosinophils 0.3; to erythrocyte the average volume 99fL erythrocyte mean leukocyte amount 33.8pg; of MCV 6.7fL ask the doctor: the need to adjust my medicine? For then, how to adjust the dose.
The nephrotic doctor replied:
Hello: there is no need to adjust! Continue to take it!
Kidney patients: Thank you, doctor! The so measured hormone drugs need to take a long time before reduction, I sometimes feel myself take the sweating, sometimes feeling dizziness, dry mouth, stomach swelling, constipation Will the side effects of hormone how my physical condition will improve.

Renal Hematuria

Health counseling description:
My daughter (6 years old) diagnosed by the Shanghai Children's Hospital on February 28 for the renal hematuria clothing, Huang Kui Capsule and astragalus particles February, microscopic examination of red blood cells occurs repeatedly, there are still symptoms of frequent urination. How to further treatment, with or without cure for?
Now during the day there are still symptoms of frequent urination, urinary occult blood, microscopic examination of red blood cells up 7?? 10, no urine protein, ask the experts chronic nephritis? How to cure?
Kidney disease experts answer:
Hello: your child there any other not, is not the onset of two months, there are no other symptoms, should not be a chronic nephritis, chronic nephritis clinical features of longer duration, the progressive development of proteinuria, hematuria and varying degrees of hypertension and renal dysfunction.

Kidney yin and kidney yang is how to distinguish?

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Kidney yin and kidney yang is how to distinguish between.
The nephrotic doctor replied: Hello: kidney yin and kidney yang, between often influence each other, sinister and yang, yang loss and Yam. Clinically significant number of patients with kidney yin and kidney yang and both virtual and see. The deficiency of the symptoms of backache, cold extremities, chills, and even edema means that the performance of the "cold" symptoms, poor sexual function can lead to kidney yang; kidney yin deficiency symptoms as "hot mainly backache, hot flashes, night sweats, sweating, dizziness, tinnitus. Kidney yang can eat dog meat, lamb, leeks, loach for Sibu, drugs Shenbao, jade BREE, Jinkuishenqiwan,,, Yougui balls. And kidney can eat Rana film, black fungus, black sesame seeds, small walnut Sibu, drugs ZuoguiWan Liuweidihuang balls.

Chronic renal failure, has been three years time. Anemia, edema, general pain, weakness

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Dear Doctor: Hello! Chronic renal failure, has been three years time. Began anemia, systemic edema. Now there are many complications. Obvious systemic pain, weakness, almost unable to walk. I ask you, body pain and renal failure related to it? was not the complications of renal failure. If not, there is no good way? Thank you.
The kidney specialists answer: Hello: systemic pain complications of renal failure.
The kidney patients answer: the pain of patients with systemic analgesic drugs not eat, and how to do? Thank you.
The kidney specialists answer: the aggressive treatment of nephritis, depending on your situation should pay attention to rest!
Kidney patients answered: how to treat, requiring hospitalization are now taking drugs. Niaoduqing other good drug treatment of nephritis
The kidney specialists answer: can be integrated with traditional Chinese medicine conditioning.

What can Kidney stones eat food?

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Health counseling description:
I had kidney stones, can not eat some food, which food is fat objects eating disease influential?
Kidney disease experts answer:
Hello, diet composition should be based on the stones the kind and urine pH may be. 1, oxalic acid stones should avoid high oxalic acid foods such as spinach, tomatoes, potatoes, beets, asparagus, nuts, tea, cocoa, chocolate and so on. And high calcium foods such as milk, cheese, etc.. 2, idiopathic hypercalciuria should limit calcium intake to reduce urinary calcium content; 3, recurrent oxalate stones, hypercalciuria do not need low-calcium diet. The formation of stones as a result of the low calcium diet led to increased urinary oxalate excretion, and it is not a low calcium diet. Control sodium intake, excessive sodium intake can increase in urinary calcium excretion. Reducing sodium intake: eating light, reduce the consumption of canned and processed foods as much as possible. Eat more foods containing potassium, such as bananas and other food. 4, of Hyperuricemia and high uric acid urine to eat less purine diet, avoid eating animal organs, Eat fish and coffee. Reducing meat intake: reduce the intake of animal protein, the opportunity to reduce the formation of stones. This to understand, specifically to increase the intake of calcium to prevent calcium oxalate stones is not desirable. Drink plenty of water sports: drink plenty of water in the urine salts can speed up the metabolism, so drink at least 3000 ml of water. More exercise can reduce bone calcium loss, thereby reducing the generation of the stones.

How much are A kidney transplant charges?

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Doctor: Hello! A month ago, my father was diagnosed with uremia, is now on hemodialysis. The creatinine High for 1020. Hemodialysis can only maintain his life, but also has a lot of disease complications, I would like to consult the general kidney transplant cost how much? ?
Kidney disease experts answer:
Hello: generally need 20 to 40 million, specific circumstances may consult the local hospital!

Hypertension cause renal failure, often dizziness, anemia, blood pressure instability

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My uncle suffering from two years of hypertension-induced renal failure, often dizziness, as well as anemia, unstable blood pressure, eat easy to spit. This year also appeared swollen feet. I would like to ask such a situation is not to the point of non-renal not. Renal, which an accident occurs, the success, if he can live either? We are very worried about his condition, and so I hope you can understand the situation in this regard, and I hope intentioned people can tell me to cure this disease drug is better, where to buy, thank you!
Kidney disease experts answer:
Hello: judgment requires a combination of urine, renal B-ultrasound results.


Side of the waist a little pain to sleep at night

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The side waist when I sleep at night, a bit of a pain, the rest of the time do not feel anything ask you doctor, how to engage in?
The kidney patients answered: Hello: If no other discomfort, then it should be no big problem, more than usual attention to rest, pay attention to the sleeping posture!

The right renal pelvis have hydrocephalus

Health counseling description:
Right kidney Size: 9.2 * 5.1 * 5.9CM, left kidney size 10.2 * 5.1 * 5.1
Kidney doctor replied: Hello, Would you please explain in detail the circumstances there is no stones? Size? Symptoms now? Urine conventional?
The kidney patients answered: right pyelectasis about the size of 3.71.2, no significant mass, left kidney echo slightly stronger, no significant mass in the right side of the attachment area cysts, 3.12.8 echo District urine: of occult blood +11.0 mg / l ureteral dilatation 0.5ct check acalculous previously suffered from glomerulonephritis
The nephrotic doctor answered: What are the symptoms? Sense of self?
The kidney patients answered: is waist swelling sense of taste a little taste, urine and other obvious symptoms.
The kidney doctors answer: not a big problem, it is recommended to use traditional Chinese medicine, treating diseases raise with the probe Mount therapy.
The kidney patients answered: Thank you, the laboratory for the first time within the right renal collecting system exploration and 1.10cm liquid dark area, b super single write right kidney hydronephrosis, that you look at the size of my kidney is normal it? There exploration Morocco therapies can say that specific point? Thank you
The nephropathy doctors answer: no big problem. Massage therapy massage waist, alleviate symptoms.

Is it normal for not normal urine protein

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Is it normal for not normal urine protein
The nephrotic doctors answer: Hello, it is recommended that you later in the original paste reply, it is easy to answer your question can be treated with anti-inflammatory drugs.
The kidney patients answered: lose azithromycin, but white blood cells and did not go. Or eat Chinese Consumers continue. Again we attached the diagnosis of occult nephritis, said some hospitals urinary tract infection. Now eat kidney medicine. The problem is that I committed twice a year, I'm not married yet. Kidney checks are normal, the second erythrocyte three months before elimination down, shape multiforme
The nephropathy doctors answer: renal various checks are normal, the second erythrocyte three months before elimination down, morphology multiforme
The kidney patients answered: I know women married prone to urinary tract infections. I did not get married? Used under the consumer much, and sometimes there is a sense of fatigue and sleepiness. Heartbeat, body imaginary
The kidney doctors answer: we must adhere to the medication can be treated with traditional Chinese medicine.


I'm going to treat kidney disease

Health counseling description:
Week ago examination, reported, wrote: right kidney Central stones, 11 × 9mm, physical examination results, wrote: doctors recommend regular review B. I had everything to normal. Do I do not need to treat it? Only need to regularly review can it? Thank you!
Kidney patients: Hello: First of all, you should listen to the recommendations of the doctor regularly review, self-discharge when the stone diameter <1cm opportunities. Should take appropriate measures to deal with when stone obstruction in the urinary tract, affecting renal excretion functions or concurrent infection. The boulder or complex antlers type kidney stones do not affect renal function or only mild urinary tract infections, patients with poor physical condition, can be temporarily for surgical treatment. The main purpose of the periodic review is considering whether to do the necessary treatment or what treatment to see the progress of the stones.

Why always backache in kidney

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Excuse me, I sometimes always backache acid Zuobu Qi to have to lie down for a go point to go to the hospital to check it out, which is why
Nephropathy the doctor: Hello: May I ask you how old? Are there other diseases? Do the work?
Kidney patients: 31-year-old, I do office, what the disease does not seem to
The kidney doctor: note the sitting posture, pay attention to rest! While taking some of Liu Wei Di Huang Wan!
Kidney patients: Thank you, I know, as well as I think of it, a kid accidentally Niuguo time, whether it related to it
Nephrotic doctors: the relationship should not be! Do not have too much psychological pressure! It should be no big problem!
Kidney patients: Thank you why bad headaches, and pain when people stand up special, as if the back of the head pain, Will doctors which is why, if there is something
Nephropathy the doctor: Hello, headache pathogenic factors include: (1) physical factors: intracranial and extracranial pain-sensitive tissue inflammation, injury or mass oppression caused headache. ① vascular traction, stretching or shift: traction or displacement of intracranial vascular headache, called towed headache, mainly seen in the following three cases: A intracranial space-occupying lesions: brain tumor, hematoma, abscess. B increased intracranial pressure: brain edema, venous sinus thrombosis, hydrocephalus, brain tumor or cerebral cysticercosis oppression blockage of cerebrospinal fluid circulation. C intracranial pressure reduction: sometimes lumbar puncture or spinal anesthesia because of the cerebrospinal fluid lost more intracranial pressure reducing intracranial venous sinus and venous dilatation or traction and cause headaches. ② vasodilation: a variety of causes intracranial expansion of the external carotid artery can produce headaches. Such as intracranial and extracranial acute infection, pathogens, toxins can cause arterial dilation; metabolic disorders such as hypoglycemia, hypercapnia and hypoxia; toxic diseases such as carbon monoxide poisoning, alcoholism, etc. because the intracranial and extracranial vascular expansion caused headaches . ③ meningeal irritation: intracranial inflammatory exudate, such as meningitis, blood or bleeding disorders stimulate the meninges, such as subarachnoid hemorrhage, the meninges by stimulus or brain edema traction meningeal headache. ④ head and neck muscle contraction: headache caused due to the continuing contraction of the head and neck muscles, known as tension headaches. Can be divided into two categories: one is primary, for unknown reasons, the head and neck muscles continued contraction cause headaches, known as tension headaches; symptoms due to the neck diseases caused by reflex neck muscle tension contraction, such as cervical joint disease, neck trauma or cervical disc disease. ⑤ nerve stimulation or lesions: cranial nerves, cervical nerve compression lesions or inflammation, such as trigeminal neuritis, occipital neuritis, tumor compression. Cranial nerve irritation lesions such as trigeminal neuralgia. ⑥ involve headache: the eyes, ears, nose, paranasal sinuses, teeth, neck, etc. lesions can spread or reflective header facial generate involve headache. (2) biochemical factors: biochemical factors are highly valued. By migraine research in recent years, norepinephrine, 5 - serotonin, bradykinin, prostaglandins, etc. recurrent migraine significant changes in the patient's blood. Such as the release of norepinephrine vasoconstriction; 5 - serotonin free plasma, can make a big vasoconstriction of small blood vessels to dilate. When a migraine attack, 5 - decrease in serotonin favor of bradykinin on the role of cerebrovascular produce aseptic inflammation, thus causing the headache. In addition, histamine also enables the intracranial blood vessels to dilate and cause headaches. (3) endocrine factors: you can see from the many clinical cases headache relief and attack with endocrine close relationship. Such as migraine, more common in women, the initial onset is often in adolescence, and a predilection menstrual period, pregnancy alleviate menopause tend to stop. The tension headache menstrual period, menopause is often worse. (4) neuropsychiatric factors: mainly due to the various stimuli of the external environment, so that the patient anxiety, anxious mood results.


Health counseling description:
My long-term backache, weight loss, Fanre palms heard and kidney, eat ZDP. Will work? Eat more for a long time.
The nephrotic doctor replied: Hello, can eat a specific time varies from person to person.
Kidney patients: Excuse me, can long-term use of it? At the same time, you can take the the Qijudihuang pills and American ginseng it? Excuse me, is a good Liuwei dihuang Pill or ZDP? While taking Qijudihuang pill because my eyes sometimes dry, it ZDP can take it? There, I heard the American ginseng remove the fire, I would like to ask also be taking?
Nephrotic doctors: suitable to eat ZDP. Without taking Qijudihuang pills and American ginseng do not need to eat too. Topical eye drops.

Lower back soreness urinary urgency

Health counseling description:
I am 31 ​​years old masturbation history of drinking from the age of 12 years of smoking for 12 years now drink slightly temperance smoke a pack a day and a half or so symptoms are not kidney deficiency? Or prostatitis? Start temperance or medication has no effect? ? Not need to go to hospital for CT?
Kidney disease experts answer:
Hello: Depending on your symptoms could be considered prostatitis, usually to the frequency of life in moderation taboo tobacco, alcohol, spicy, convenient, better go to the hospital to be prostate fluid routine testing positive symptomatic treatment after diagnosis, it should be no big problem! Do not have too much psychological pressure! There are not considerate of understanding!


7-year-old daughter hematuria

Health counseling description:
Hello doctor: My daughter is seven years old, the age of nearly 1 years 5,6 bedwetting. From around September 2004, they began to wet the bed, the basic nightly time, cried out in the middle of the night, basically would not wet the bed. Later do urine routine examination, urine occult blood 5,6 inspections after four months, each basically have, RBC 2-4, when more than 6-8. Urine phase contrast microscopy stale fresh red blood cells have fresh 40% shadow cells 25% and 17% of red blood cell shrinkage, the bagel like red blood cells 3% 15% distortion erythrocyte. Leukocyte 0-2/HP, RBC 4-5/HP. Other indicators are normal. Protein X films do today, sacral recessive cleft (does not seem serious). Bladder kidney ultrasonography were normal. Know what additional checks? May be the cause of what, I see about spina bifida serious consequences "Beida spinal cord spinal surgery information website, do not know whether the same daughter hematuria relationship my city is small and medium-sized cities, find several doctors that there were problems, but said that observation, I was afraid to delay treatment. invite experts to give detailed answers.
Nephrotic Doctor: Hello, and later to do this three cups of urine?
Kidney patients: later asked our hospital, they said the three cups of urine do. Said eliminated I see there are three cups of urine you an appointment to do it again tomorrow or the day of urine difference.
Nephrotic doctors: it is necessary to do a look!
Kidney patients: sacral NMR
Nephropathy doctor: It is recommended that the anti-inflammatory treatment.
Kidney patients: urinary difference: microscopy: leukocytes 10-15/HP, erythrocyte 8-10/HP, bacteria (+) / HP, see gather heap leukocyte 20-100. Difference: red blood cells of different sizes, 100 red blood cells: fresh 17%, 79% of the ghost cells, deformation of 4%. The ductless cells. Through two difference, our doctor kidney, but only the difference of only white blood cells, had done many times have no or very little. Laboratory doctor may be a urinary tract infection, it is recommended that intravenous infusion of penicillin. The doctors believe, but can not be confirmed, it is recommended to go to Beijing.
Nephrotic doctors: best ofloxacin, traditional Chinese medicine to the local Chinese medicine hospital prescribing treatment.
Kidney patients: anti-inflammatory drugs, if the kidneys have other issues, will more get more bad anti-inflammatory drugs takes about long, thank you so fast reply.
Nephrotic doctors: Hello, hematuria is a common pediatric illnesses one of the points of gross hematuria and microscopic hematuria. The microscopic hematuria Is refers to the centrifuged urine per high-power field> 5 red blood cells, gross hematuria without any instruments, hematuria can be seen with the naked eye. The discovery of gross hematuria parents often panic and, after medical treatment. The cause of the hematuria have those? The hematuria is divided into glomerular hematuria and non-glomerular hematuria. Glomerular hematuria include: 1. The glomerulonephritis mainly In addition to hematuria often edema and hypertension. Including acute post-streptococcal nephritis virus nephritis, allergic purpura nephritis, lupus nephritis, chronic nephritis acute attack. 2. IgA nephropathy episodes of hematuria, generally in good condition, sometimes with edema, hypertension, elevated blood IgA. 3. Hereditary nephritis (1) familial benign hematuria showed persistent microscopic hematuria, edema, hypertension, renal function was normal. Have a family history. (2) eye, ear, kidney syndrome (Alports syndrome) microscopic hematuria mainly microscopic hematuria after infection or exertion, constant companion deaf, and family history. 4. Hematuria hemolytic uremic syndrome associated with hemolytic anemia, thrombocytopenia, oliguria and acute renal failure. Non-glomerular hematuria. Urinary tract infection, hematuria, often accompanied by fever, back pain. Urine visible red and white blood cells, urine culture can be found in bacteria. 2. Idiopathic hypercalciuria hematuria with urinary frequency, urgency. Urinary calcium and urinary creatinine ratio> 0.21,24 hour urinary calcium 4mg/kg, can be diagnosed. 3. The urinary calculi hematuria associated with abdominal pain. 4. Urinary tuberculosis hematuria with pyuria, fever, back pain. 5. Others include urinary tract tumors, urinary tract malformations, drug-induced hematuria, kidney damage, and left renal vein entrapment syndrome. Once hematuria best to see a kidney disease specialist systems and comprehensive examination.
Kidney patients: there is a problem, and now do a urine bacterial culture results about tomorrow. Results will not be possible to identify a urinary tract infection and not a bad kidney disease. Hematuria has grown from about 9 months, have not been good nor bad. Observation I feel the same way.
Nephropathy doctors: Note strengthen body resistance, combined with traditional Chinese medicine treatment. Raise a child, there are two methods of resistance to infectious diseases, First vaccination, it is very effective, but because of the type of vaccine is very limited, it is impossible by being vaccinated to prevent all infectious diseases; second method is to enhance the child's physical, to raise the child resistance of common infectious diseases, following a specific approach, to provide adequate nutrition. In children is in constant growth and development stage, relatively high requirement of nutrients, digestive function is not yet fully mature, but also recipes tend to be more monotonous, it is prone to a lack of nutrients; nutritional deficiencies, and the resistance is relatively poor. From the present study, mild (or called subclinical) vitamin A and vitamin C deficiency is a common cause of children with recurrent respiratory infections. Therefore eat plenty of the fresh colored vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C (which contained B-carotene in the body into vitamin A) or supplemental multivitamins formulations (such as small Theragran) does effectively enhance the child resistance. 2, to ensure adequate sleep. This is to enhance the important aspects of the constitution. Physical exercise. Effective measures to enhance physical fitness. Exercise to start at an early age, the child after the full moon, summer in the outdoor lie down winter window to breathe fresh air in the room, the clothes do not wear too much. Cultivate children from a young age to adapt to the colder environment, climate change is not easy to get a cold. Outdoor activities so you can make the skin synthesis of vitamin D, which promotes calcium absorption and have good muscles, bones, breathing, development of the circulatory system and the body's metabolism. Regular exercise can also increase appetite, children adequate intake of nutrients, so that the body will be strengthened, the resistance will significantly increase.

24 hours almost no urine is how is it? How to do?

Health counseling description:
Hello experts patients weekly of one hundred thirty-five do experts Hello patient per week one hundred thirty-five do hemodialysis but these days so I do not know his weight normal normally do not do hemodialysis days on up four jin hemodialysis weight on down there is no urine 24 hours almost no urine is how it how to do
How do want to help: thank the doctors for my quick answer - how the treatment and prevention
Nephropathy Doctor: Hello, is because there is no urine or oliguria to uremia only need hemodialysis.
Kidney patients: Hello experts, but the patient did not do hemodialysis urine is normal before his every day feel thirsty but doctors control drinking is why
Please explain in detail the specific circumstances of the patient and treatment through the kidney doctor: so that we have a more detailed understanding.
Kidney patients: doctors Hello my first introduction to the patient's condition the patient is invisible to the eye suddenly two months ago (2-year-old vision bad night unseen but good during the day) at the Beijing Tongren Hospital, MRI brain ideas (What's sudden hardening) neurologist hospitalized indeed found a bad kidney (called acute renal failure) then checked that the syphilis three to do hemodialysis treatment in the hospital to ask like the patient completely cured.
Doctor of kidney disease: acute renal failure is also possible to cure syphilis three organ damage, bad treatment.
Kidney patients: doctors Hello! So, patients in the hospital to check out syphilis [implicit] I do not know if it is kidney transplantation has no effect, affect any.
Nephropathy doctor: It is recommended that any observation.

Tibetan IGA nephropathy treatment useful?

Health counseling description:
I have seen the introduction of Tibetan myrobalan pill said therapeutic nephropathy. Helpful Will Tibetan IGA nephropathy treatment? Tibetan medicine has been used in clinical? Cases be cured or improved?
Nephropathy Doctor: Hello, Tibetan effect is good.


Please help doctors with kidney disease are

Doctor's description:
Suffering from chronic nephritis, I (core 130, urine protein + + + + + occult blood), renal biopsy in July 2003 Check in June: 16 glomeruli visible, three small ball sclerosis, irregular thickening Pao ball capsule, two small balls ball adhesions, the rest of the glomerular lesions to diffuse mesangial cell hyperplasia segmental moderate hypertrophy and endothelial segmental ball three pairs serious side and a small amount of infiltration of inflammatory cells, a moderate increase of mesangial matrix. Focal interstitial lymphocytic infiltration of mononuclear cells around the focal sclerosis and renal interstitial fibrosis, ball, tubular atrophy small focal thickening of the walls of small blood vessels of the person. : Diagnosis currently around 100, IgA nephritis negative hospital took the cornerstone of Western medicine (MMF, Lotensin, Cozaar, calcium odd child) and (mesangial proliferative global sclerosis), urine protein, occult blood + of + - - + + + (has been stable for almost a year), I asked the doctor:???? How to forecast what unfolded in uremia when I'm married now recovering kidneys hurting, and my child?
Hello Doctors nephropathy field of "consumer", "back pain", "hematuria" of China, the disease interferes with the intrusion mainly IgA nephritis, manning first in a virtual or heat, and heat, wind and evil unresolved network, thermal damage of evil, Zhouxian urinary protein, and as a result, forcing blood Wang Xing. Chronic diseases, long Shangyin, stagnant network congestion thermal cross-resistance. Shenluotong damage difficult to cure, virtual fire inflammation, hematuria, back pain, for a long time, now seems to be based on head Qiyinliangxu ecstasy of the disease gradually. Depending on the situation in the state, stable after marriage and childbirth, consider herbal treatment, should have little effect!
Patients with kidney disease: is something online that sticks to eat but some annual grasses, after the disease prognosis (This proliferation mesangial sclerosis and global) stable IgA nephritis, the worst degree of damage as me!
Nephropathy Doctor: Hello, is to stick to fair treatment, you can control the development.
Patients with kidney disease: a marriage at the time of renal biopsy is not necessary before, a few years forecast comply with proper treatment to get married when uremia develops, depending on the circumstances of the present, and, thanks to safety! ...

My mother lumbar acid, laboratory results BLD3 + how it

Health counseling description:
My mother's waist is very acid urine routine laboratory results BLD3 + is how is it? The doctor said some bleeding on the kidneys, and how to do?
Nephropathy the doctor: Hello: generally the likelihood of a urinary tract infection. The possibility of infection, active anti-infection treatment.
Kidney patients; Twenty years ago she given birth nephritis later no recurrence. But in the past period of time has been feeling backache, did not care. This time, because two weeks ago feeling backache eyes could not open and only go for testing. Do urine opened some traditional Chinese medicine: herb, Cork, Anemarrhena, habitat, tree peony bark, Poria, Alisma, Zeeland, Achyranthes, dodder, Raspberry, Plantago, six a casual. Ask the experts not possible frequent bending work and exertion caused? Should not matter? How to treat? Thank you! Have been diagnosed with kidney no problem. Will the anti-infection treatment what drug best? Those traditional Chinese medicine, there are no anti-infective drugs? Do I have to buy the drugs? I hope that she will get better quickly
Nephropathy the doctor: Hello: anti-infection treatment for drug susceptibility tests, sensitive antibiotics. Chinese medicine according to the current line. Treatment to be patient, do not too much medication, back aggravate renal excretion.

Help me find urine analysis

Health counseling description:
Urobilinogen + - 3.3 umol / l bilirubin - umol / l ketone bodies - mmol / l of blood - cells / ul protein - g / l of nitrite - white blood cells - cells / ul glucose - mmol / l specific gravity 1.015 PH value 5.0 vitamin C 0 mmol / l that the nurses attitude thief call myself find a bunch of report card. I look at these results. . ? ?
Nephropathy the doctor: Hello, no problem.

Urine occult blood + +

Health counseling description:
Urine occult blood + +, it should be how to treat, no dysuria, abnormal blood pressure, eyes swollen, somewhat low back pain should do further examination, may be what is the reason?
Nephrotic Doctor: Hello, now pay attention to rest, for the time being from time to medication. Could do a B-urinary tract.
Kidney patients: Thank you, doctor
Nephrotic doctors: urine occult blood + +, is considered hematuria?
Kidney patients: belonging hematuria.

Urine occult blood + +

Health counseling description:
Urine occult blood + +, it should be how to treat, no dysuria, abnormal blood pressure, eyes swollen, somewhat low back pain should do further examination, may be what is the reason?
Nephrotic Doctor: Hello, now pay attention to rest, for the time being from time to medication. Could do a B-urinary tract.
Kidney patients: Thank you, doctor
Nephrotic doctors: urine occult blood + +, is considered hematuria?
Kidney patients: belonging hematuria.

Occasionally, the left side of the abdomen Center always faint pain

I nearly the past two months, the left side of the abdomen Center always occasionally faint pain by hand instead hurt, will be a day when the menstrual period pain, hurt, pain after lying down always feel a sense of falling, and stomach swelling, occasionally feeling inside the bubble flow. whether this is what disease? requested! Thank you!
Hello! If your abdominal pain during menstruation aggravated endometriosis or pelvic inflammatory disease, it is recommended that you go to the hospital gynecological examination confirmed if it is convenient, you can come to the gynecological examination.

Whether the kidney

Health counseling description:
Recurrent back pain, but do renal B urine showed no abnormality, please answer, thank you!
Nephropathy the doctor: Hello, can do a lumbar.
Kidney patients: Hello, lumbar piece I also filmed, it is normal, do not really know why. I remember once lumbago few years ago even walking will not, but now standing for too long is also very hard to accept, especially the right of a pain, Give me a conclusion, thank you!
Nephropathy Doctor: You can use the methods of acupuncture and massage treatments.
Renal disease patients: What is acupuncture and massage in the hospital this looking for how that sections of the efficacy
Kidney patients: West Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture or Chinese medicine hospital Moke.

Urine occult blood

Health counseling description:
Doctor: Hello, I ask the urine occult blood + +, how to treat and how to care.
Kidney disease doctors: Hello, may I ask what other symptoms?
Kidney patients: No other symptoms, no fever
Nephrotic doctors: no dysuria? Blood pressure? Eyes swollen swollen?
Kidney patients: none of the above symptoms
Nephropathy doctor: It is recommended that the investigation of a urinary tract B-.
Kidney patients: urinary tract ultrasonography has done no abnormal phenomenon.
Kidney disease doctors: hematuria is common in severe glomerular inflammation or bleeding disorders. So you say there is no other symptoms should be unrealistic! What do you have no trauma? It is best to do something in renal B!
Patients with nephropathy: glomerular inflammation, I would like to ask how to treat.
Nephrotic doctor: The first thing you want to go check and then determine the medication!
Kidney disease patients: waist endured two injury (dislocation of the spine, to form a false joint) I have to eat a dozen pay herbs, I feel that with effect from + has now become +, what should pay attention to what?
Nephropathy Doctor: That should continue medication!
Kidney disease patients: What, the medication generally to how long or to what time?
Nephrotic doctors: generally 30 pay around!
Kidney patients: Excuse me, I medication during feeling lower abdomen heaviness and fart, these normal?
Nephrotic doctors: a medication reflect
Kidney disease patients: Excuse me, my rehabilitation should pay attention to what (for example, can not participate in sports activities? Diet? ......)
Nephrotic doctors: no problem
Kidney patients: Excuse me, my lumbar problems? Thank you!
Nephrotic Doctor: You can also check the lumbar CT, I was a teacher, usually always feel sleepy, is not associated with nephritis? By the way, for a waist CT, is the cost?
Kidney disease doctors: specific costs, please contact the hospital

Asymptomatic hematuria has been half a year, routine urine for occult blood, red blood cells 6-8

My son asymptomatic hematuria has been six months, urine for occult blood, red blood cells 6-8. Ask the experts how treatment and diagnosis. Implore expert provide authoritative specialist hospital.
Nephropathy the doctor: Hello: I would like to ask what checks are done? Whether the kidney stones, urinary tract stones?
Kidney patients: rheumatoid three anti-0, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, B is super and so do, just did not do renal biopsy, kidney stones and urinary tract stones.
Nephropathy doctors: general referred hematuria usually gross hematuria, contain more red blood cells in the urine, the naked eye can see the urine bright red or dark brown. Easy to overlook the "microscopic hematuria can be found under a powerful microscope. Hematuria, general tips for the presence of diseases of the urinary system. Hematuria more common in children with acute nephritis; women hematuria such as wedding or growth period, pelvis, bladder, and urethritis. Hematuria accompanied by urinary frequency, urgency, dysuria and other urinary bladder irritation, will have to consider urinary tract infections; such as associated with low back pain, kidney area percussion pain or fever, mostly pyelonephritis; the only bladder irritation and lack of systemic infection symptoms of cystitis; hematuria, such as occurs after a severe colic, kidney or ureteral stones; pain during urination, urine flow is suddenly interrupted or difficulty urinating, bladder or urinary tract stones; stool or after sexual intercourse hematuria occurred, often urethritis; standing hematuria the supine disappeared, should consider nephroptosis; hematuria occurs after strenuous exercise, first have a longer period of time compared with exercise-induced hematuria or renal and ureteral stones; dysuria After hematuria, should be considered for prostate disease or urinary tract infection. Many reasons hematuria, we must guard against a painless gross hematuria because hematuria is often a signal of urinary tract malignancies. Renal pelvis cancer early there will be painless gross hematuria, intermittent or persistent. Kidney tumor hematuria occurred tumor invasion of the renal pelvis, multiple tumor late hematuria often sudden. When tumors invade the kidney surrounding tissue nerve when am back pain. Bladder and ureter tumors occur in men over the age of 40, the main symptom is intermittent spontaneous painless hematuria hematuria sometimes been uneven, hematuria can last a few days, a long time does not appear. The patients had been cured of the disease often mistaken. Prostate cancer is characterized by urination terminal hematuria, associated with significant urinary frequency, urgency, dysuria, dysuria, urinary retention. In short, painless hematuria is an important early signal of the urinary system tumors in the elderly in particular, can not be ignored, once first discovered should promptly go to the hospital to confirm the diagnosis. To this end, for a painless hematuria patients find the cause before, can not be easily ruled out malignancy of the urinary tract. Experts believe that over where the 40-year-old man, when painless intermittent hematuria, urinary tract malignancy should be considered first. In order to determine the cause of the hematuria, do the following checks: 1, repeatedly looking for cancer cells in urine, as to find cancer cells in fresh urine, you contribute to the diagnosis of bladder cancer. 2, radiology, KUB, intravenous pyelography and renal arteriography. 3, B-type ultrasonic inspection. Radionuclide renal scan, favor the diagnosis of renal tumors. 5, cystoscopy. 6, other checks: CT or MRI scan. Urology

What do have Uremia?

Health counseling description:
Diagnosis of clinical manifestations of my father as renal atrophy than normal 1, and hypertension. Facial slightly swollen feet sometimes cramps how treatment will be better. (Normal urine, appetite normal )
Kidney specialists: Hello: uremia treatment, including traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine: (1) symptomatic treatment: the diuretic furosemide 100 ~ 500mg intravenous infusion of 10% glucose 300 ~ 500ml buck with captopril, methyl Pakistan, compound antihypertensive tablets, compound Apocynum piece. The correct acid oral or intravenous infusion of sodium bicarbonate to give more anabolic hormones (such as testosterone propionate, phenylpropionate Nandrolone), Adjuvant therapy commonly ATP, coenzyme A, both with conventional amount, plus or minus the amount of special patients according to the disease, as appropriate, appropriate restrictions in water, sodium, food protein content. (2) in hemodialysis (HD) and peritoneal dialysis (CAPD), hemodialysis select cardiovascular disease and patients with severe anemia, 2 times a week. The CAPD select those who are older. General edema, severe anemia patients 4 times a day. Medication Guide: uremic spleen and kidney virtual failure oriented, damp toxin intrinsic as the standard in the development of the disease process, there is the vacuity of the pathological features. Experiments show Wenshen Qi drug can improve kidney disease, and enhance the ability of the immune. Blood circulation drugs Qingrejiedu drug combination to inhibit tubular atrophy and fibrous tissue proliferation, promote disuse nephron reversal. Of Tongfu Xiere drugs can make blood BUN, CVT decline, improve symptoms, at the same time to improve the body's immune function.
Kidney disease patients: Thank you, may I ask now there is no better method of Chinese medicine treatment. Hemodialysis and a kidney transplant may be my father, the moment can not accept, he do not know
Kidney specialists: taking Chinese medicines need to go to the the regular local hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor prescribing fill a prescription!
Kidney patients: Will renal atrophy, is not had no way to re-use of any drug to save the
Kidney specialists: to completely atrophy, no only a kidney transplant.


Waist cold sore leg pain urinary protein 1 + erythrocytes 2 + blood pressure 14292

Health counseling description:
My waist cold sore leg pain urinary protein 1 + erythrocytes 2 + blood pressure 14292 laboratory renal function B super are normal this is what disease was how the treatment and prevention of fertility did not hinder
Kidney specialists: Hello: Depending on your symptoms could be considered as nephrotic! Active treatment in accordance with nephritis, taboo tobacco, alcohol, spicy foods! Sexual restraint!

My husband is suffering from IgA nephropathy, has been receiving a combination of Chinese and Western therapy. Taking hormone immune agents

Kidney disease patients: experts, Hello! My husband is suffering from IgA nephropathy, has been to accept a combination of Chinese and Western therapy. Taking hormone immune agents (love If China) has been nearly a year. Recently I discovered she was pregnant, I ask the child can want it? kidney disease is not genetic? whether my husband taking drugs affect a child?
The kidney specialists: Hello: I ask your husband whether their condition is stable? Blood pressure is normal? Should be the fetus no big!

Problems appear in the urine test

Health counseling description:
Doctor Hello: May I ask my mother for a month before the urine test: red plus sign four; Barker number three, hit a week penicillin and eat a whisk faction acid and urine white plus sign, not a urine test two red + + sign, and then she ate two boxes of rows of stone particles, appeared yesterday urinalysis: red + the + white + No. What does it mean? This is how is it she's a serious problem? Eat what medicine? Acute and complex, thank you!
Kidney specialists: Hello, may I ask your mother's situation? Size of stones? Specific location?
Kidney patients: Thank you, doctor replies, my mother's symptoms: a drinking water or eaten fruit there urination feeling wanted urination (about 40 minutes) the lower abdomen bit falling feeling after the waist and hips, and hip bone feeling cold sour, total feeling of the soles of the feet cool, a couple of days ago to do B-ultrasound found in sediment type kidney stones. The day before urine test: LEU: 25/UI + ERY: 150/UI + + + + Is this what ails how to treat? This symptom is serious? I would like to ask how should I do? ?
The kidney specialists: with stones, and can then take the row of stone particles, and drinking a lot of water to promote the outflow of stones.

Diagnosis of nephritis

Health counseling description:
I ask nephritis diagnosed?
Kidney specialists: Hello: mainly high blood pressure. Edema, proteinuria!
Kidney disease patients: Hello: I would like to ask the doctor whether I have nephritis, my first urine red blood cells 2 protein, 1 hit three days of clindamycin, eat some anti-inflammatory drugs, there are six stomach Rehmannia capsules and routine laboratory tests in the two weeks after the three gold pieces: red blood cells is leukocyte: Trace. fought a five-day clindamycin. Sixth day of re-tests: erythrocyte 2 please reply. Thank you
The kidney specialists: Hello: urine red blood cells 2 protein 1 does not represent nephritis. Do you have any other symptoms? Your mother's diabetes?? Mainly using western medicine, Chinese medicine prescriptions nothing. Recommendations or go to the hospital to check after the open western medicine, go to the pharmacy to buy point relatively Province.

Kidney cancer bone, lung metastases

Health counseling description:
My father's comrade-in-arms in September last year due to a sudden hematuria was found to the left kidney cancer are some clear cell carcinoma and granular cell carcinoma, and left radical nephrectomy, interleukin-2 and interferon in March this year. But to the end of June found that the right sacrum transfer, after making sure that only metastases with radiotherapy, 45 days, a total of 30 times. After radiotherapy, the review also found that lung metastasis. May I ask how the treatment could be used directly the site wrote bombardment therapy? Are there better methods or complementary therapies?
Kidney specialists: Hello: It seems to advanced cancer patients, treatment can only alleviate the symptoms and reduce pain. Symptomatic treatment according to the specific circumstances of the patient. Isotope therapy, Chinese medicine treatment methods, recommend whether the trial should also be appropriate chemotherapy if the general condition of the patient permits.
The interferon dose as adjuvant therapy of tumors, you can. The side effects of interferon is heavy cold-like symptoms, automatically relieve general withdrawal. As for the renal and chemotherapy is best administered hospital for examination and treatment, did not see the patient, do not know the specific circumstances of the patient's program is inappropriate, please forgive me.

Tongue pale, with teeth marks, a little yang

Health counseling description:
My tongue pale, scalloped particularly cold winter, a little yang can I eat Guifudihuang pill or YouguiWan I thirsty, especially sad, Chinese medicine experts to help me, what a way to get to eat mouth these drugs quit it?
The kidney specialists: Hello: you can eat the Jingui kidney from the pill!
Kidney patients: dry mouth Yeah, as long as aconite, or Cinnamon like the Onyang the drug I have dry mouth, Is there a way to ease it? Thank you experts!
Kidney specialists: you can consider him for the medical! To the local hospital to find a doctor prescribing!

Please experts help me analyze blood count

Health counseling description:
Hello experts today to do the blood test, white blood cell count of 3.4; neutrophil percentage of 49.8; lymphocyte percentage 42.3; percentage of eosinophils 0.3; total number of neutrophils 1.7; eosinophils 0.01; various other indicators of normal. For taking a month to adjust the Yin of Chinese medicine, experts Zhidianmijin.
Nephropathy Doctor: Hello: According to your test results to see no big problem, would you go to check what is the purpose of it? What are the symptoms?
Patients: gingival hyperplasia, a lot of bleeding in the cleaning of dental calculus, the doctor said is not clotting problems. Thank you, doctor!
Nephropathy doctors: there is a certain relationship! But not very serious, usually to eat some nuclear class fruit, such as peanuts.

Kidney patients, the prevalence of more than four years, renal atrophy

Experts: Hello! My daughter-in-law is kidney patients are sick for more than four years, B-ultrasound kidneys has been shrinking phenomenon, the renal decompensated now. I'm really worried, oral administration of a variety of drugs, the effect is very bad, to return disappointed every time I ask which hospital to treat the disease? How to treat in order to achieve the best results? Can completely cure? The cure rate is how much? How long will the treatment take? Experts to help answer for flu! Thank you! B-ultrasound: left kidney 8.0 * 3.3cm, right kidney 8.3 * 3.9cm, cysts 9 * 9mm, smaller renal volume, cortical echo, renal blood flow is sparse, diffuse lesions kidneys. PRO +2 1.0g / L urea nitrogen creatinine 158.7 uric acid 424.9 9.30 24-hour urinary protein excretion 1.02 investigation on January 6, 2005 The following is a routine blood test report card: the WBC white blood cell lymphocyte count 9.10 LYM # 3.5 MON # intermediate cells count 0.6 GRA # neutrophil count 5.10 LYM% lymphocyte ratio 38.1 MON% intermediate cells ratio 6.20 GRA% neutrophils ratio 55.70 RBC red blood cells 3.7 HGB Hemoglobin 102 HCT hematocrit, mean corpuscular volume of 36.00 PCT platelets 116 MCV 97.0 MCH mean corpuscular hemoglobin content of 27.5 MCHC 283 RDW mean hemoglobin concentration urine test single erythrocyte average width of 14 January 6, 2005: Color: light yellow transparency: clear urobilinogen + - 3.4umol / L specific gravity 1.010 pH 7.0 protein +1 0.3g / L 2005 January 6 blood biochemical investigation report card: TP total protein 73.0g / L, ALB albumin 47.6 g of a / L, A / G white ball ratio of 1.9, GLB globulin 25.4g / L, BUN blood urea nitrogen 9.82umoI / L / L, and UA cyanurate, CREA creatinine 174.0umoI 380umoI / L, TG triglyceride 1.41mmoI / L, TC total cholesterol 3.60mmol/LK serum potassium 4.00mmoI / L, Na serum sodium 140.0mmoI in / L, CI, serum chloride 100.0 mmoI / L, CA serum total calcium 2.50, CO2cp of carbon dioxide combining power 22.4
How do want to help: thank the doctors for my quick answer - how the treatment and prevention
The kidney specialists answered: Hello: you said should belong to the press nephritis!Should be treated aggressively. In addition, you said they dry phenomenon that should be considered are drug performance! No problem!


Please help me diagnose

Health counseling description:
Me two months ago and fever appear soy sauce color hematuria, two days after the disappearance, but has lower back pain, for routine urine examination, occult blood, red blood cells occasionally or 3 to 4 normal, B super-normal, go to the Department of Nephrology, see a doctor, the doctor said nothing, low back pain and it does not matter, I am a medical student textbook investigation discovered quite like IgA nephropathy, very afraid, I would like to ask addition to nephrotic outside, the fever can cause hematuria Why, back pain, and it does not matter what, thank you doctor as soon as possible can reply.
Doctor: Hello: it is best to do a B-check! See bladder no problem

Do not know nephropathy

Health counseling description:
I've seen the traditional Chinese medicine, the doctor said that it is the kidney. Eaten Chinese medicine, this two-day backache, dizziness, abdominal fall up. I would like to ask is that I'm only 23 years old may have kidney disease how?
Doctor: Hello: Does the recent break how? Blood pressure? Are there other diseases?
Patients: First of all, thank you for your answer. I rest this time really is not very good, I'm on a diet, every night 1000 under the rope. A history of low blood sugar. The reason I suspected kidney is not good, it was because I was a kid laryngitis and tonsillitis often take medicine to fight penicillin, 8-year-old surgery appendicitis. Small to 19-year-old is basically every month injections and medicine. And my palms hot. Trouble the doctor for my diagnosis.
Doctor: Your situation should belong to the spleen and stomach. Whom should first fill the stomach! You can improve the symptoms of palms hot! As you say, the lower abdomen fall up is recommended that you check the prostate or prostate B!

How the treatment and prevention of kidney disease

The 17-year-old male student, urine into the tea leaves, after examination was normal. Symptoms still, some time after discharge urine mixed with Scarlet. Checked normal. Was very anxious not find the cause, is Shabing
How do want to help: thank the doctors for my quick answer - how the treatment and prevention
Doctor: Hello: 1, patients now whether the medication. 2 hospitalized disease is it? Do check? Check the results confirm whether accurate?

Microscopic hematuria for many years!

Health counseling description:
Red blood cells in the urine. Occult blood 2 plus sign has 6-7 years of history, urethra feeling discomfort, abdominal flatulence often, the body often feel tired. Stool with a small amount of mucus, but also a small amount of red blood cells, and they dry mouth dry. Hands and feet, fever sleep at night. Female, 43 years old, hoping to find the expert or method of treatment of the hospital. Hope all my friends can help me.
How do want to help: thank the doctors for my quick answer - how the treatment and prevention
Doctor: Hello, it is recommended that the investigation of a urinary tract B-.
Patients: done cystoscopy diagnosis of the bladder trigone inflammation but no efficacy monthly menstrual flow rarely urinary antibiotic Department B - whether normal B-? ? ? Thank you! ! ! !
Doctor: It should be actively anti-inflammatory treatment!
Patients: Thank you my answers that best with what kind of drug effects, traditional Chinese medicine or Western medicine or go to the hospital, how to contact your hospital! ! !
Doctor: Yes, to a local hospital for treatment on it.

The adrenal pheochromocytoma'll transfer to the lungs? Come Help my brother?

Health counseling description:
My brother in January 2003, has been a phenomenon of hypertension, (we do not have a family history of hypertension) and later Every time I go to the Jinshan Hospital injections lower blood pressure brine to buck. October 1, 2004, he retinal hemorrhage, go to the ENT Hospital of Shanghai Zha caused by hypertension, October 7 to Jinshan District Central Hospital CT results for the left adrenal pheochromocytoma, found that the lungs due to CT A number of small nodules, which the left side of the diagnosis of adrenal malignant pheochromocytoma transferred to the lungs. October 15, 2004, by the Fudan University Cancer Hospital ECT scintigraphy findings: upper abdomen adrenal region see focal abnormally high levels of radioactive the CT location tomography imaging shows both sides of the adrenal site radioactive abnormal increase of the left side of the lesion The large range of the remaining parts of the body showed no radioactive abnormal uptake foci. The inspection conclusion: meet the the glandular pheochromocytoma performance. The blood tests are normal. October 27, the Shanghai Second Medical University, Renji Hospital Imageology diagnosis: the left adrenal masses might consider pheochromocytoma large pole cyst on the left kidney. Due to hypertension symptoms, doctors accompany drug: of Pfizer "Cardura" day one times his music piece 1/2. And asked doctors to examine the lungs. (Later transferred due to the Chest Hospital diagnosis lungs possibility of eventually consider surgery.) October 28 - November 23, Chest Hospital diagnosis, that does not rule out the possibility of transfer of the lungs. October 23, Huashan Hospital, Fudan University PET Centre whole body PET / CT image diagnostic report: enlargement of the left adrenal, mediastinal lymph node FDG metabolism increased, considering the left adrenal pheochromocytoma metastatic potential large. 2, multiple lung nodules mild FDG metabolism increased, the transfer can not be ruled out, it is recommended that follow-up. November 2004 to February 2005, during the Jinshan Hospital four courses of chemotherapy and a course of radiotherapy, the effect is more significant in this period, the patient has been maintaining good mental and physical in the state, better appetite color is also good. Blood pressure about 12 o'clock on the night of April 1, 2011, 05 high lead to cerebral hemorrhage (Prior to this, the blood pressure has been controlled at about 150/110), has been out of danger, to restore the situation is better. In this, our family would like to get a doctor's help, really appreciate it, we would like to know in the end what his cause is not malignant pheochromocytoma, my brother can surgery without hypertension Kunrao life so you can be guaranteed, that case is malignant, it should be how to treat him to go which hospital treatment, I hope you can give me an answer, I beg you!
How do want to help: thank the doctors for my quick answer - how the treatment and prevention
Doctor: Hello, you go to the hospital authority for further diagnosis.

Allergic purpura, leg red dot sometimes long and sometimes no

Patients: My girlfriend had allergic purpura therapy now, but found the red dot of the legs and sometimes long, sometimes no, this phenomenon is normal?
Doctor: Hello, is normal.
Patients: doctor, that this is how it ah, why is it when when there
Doctor: there is a fluctuation in the process.
Patients: it is about how long, when to disappear? Thank you, doctor!
Doctors: the need for a longer time, it is recommended to continue treatment and observation.
Patient: It represents sicker?
Doctor: It is not. Do not have to worry about, you want to relax.
Patients: patients should pay attention to?
Doctor: Be careful not to eat some seafood allergic something light and attention to diet can.

My kidney yang how is it treated?

Health counseling description:
I am 27 years old and have the following symptoms: 1. Use the saying goes belly easily catch cold, cool with the will of diarrhea. Sex the next day, backache, fatigue, bad spirit, and last for a few days. Even a week only a one-time life of such symptoms. Cold hands and feet sweat more the summer encounter cold tap water palms because cool feel pain. 4 scrotum wet. The phenomenon of hair loss, the hair do not have more than sparse white hair many. How to see all deficiency, just do not know how to completely cure me step by step, the doctor pointing! !
How do want to help: thank the doctors for my quick answer - how the treatment and prevention
Doctor: Hello: It is recommended that you try taking Warming kidney proprietary Chinese medicines.


Polycystic kidney damage to the body what?

27-year-old male
Health counseling description:
Examination the day before yesterday, the doctor told me is polycystic kidney disease, specifically described as follows: renal size, shape and full, real echo of inequality within the exploration and several cystic anechoic clear boundary shape rules, transparent sound good right kidney large size of about 3.4 * 3.2cm, the left renal big size of about 5.2 * 3.0cm clear collection system, double pelvis showed no expansion.
Once treated and whether there is a history of allergies, genetic:
Want kind of help:
Adequate guidance, the damage to the body and the life, you need to pay attention to what!
Experts answer
There is no any way to prevent the development of disease. Early detection, to prevent the occurrence and development of complications, timely and correct treatment of complications is critical.
1. General treatment: under normal circumstances, after the patient checks out of polycystic kidney disease, the first to maintain the view of the state of mind of the music polycystic kidney, if it is not already affect the normal life of the patient, usually need to be careful not to or less eat salty, spicy and other stimuli nature of food, time to be law, the mood To smooth optimistic; affect the normal life of the patient, and always pay attention to more than a few, but also for treatment, and the sooner the better, otherwise allowed to develop to renal failure uremic disease, it was too late.
2. Cyst decompression surgery: this surgery to reduce the oppression of the cysts of the renal parenchyma, to protect the majority of the remaining kidney units from extrusion and further damage, renal ischemia situation has improved, renal units restored, delaying the development of the disease. The key to successful operation as early as possible surgical cyst decompression must be thorough, do not give up a small cyst and deep cyst decompression. Bilateral should surgery the general bilateral surgery interval of more than six months. Advanced cases, such as existing renal damage in azotemia, uremia, whether or not associated with high blood pressure, has been meaningless decompression therapy, surgery to combat anti-can aggravate the condition.
3. Medicine treatment: traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of polycystic kidney conservative therapy (taking medicine), the effect is very good. The TCM holistic concept and TDS, polycystic kidney disease is a result of external and internal factors together, cascade diversion, gradually cyst liquid discharge, to achieve the purpose of gradually narrow the cyst. Although Chinese medicine can not overcome genetic problems, but the effect of conservative treatment is incomparable Western medicine, and basic non-toxic side effects, and less recurrence.
4. Dialysis and transplantation: the end-stage renal failure, dialysis treatment, the preferred hemodialysis. Polycystic kidney kidney transplant survival rate for other reasons and facilities similar to the surgeon, but also associated with disease, increased postoperative treatment difficulties affect graft outcomes.
5. Treatment: there hematuria hematuria, in addition to the clear reason given treatment as soon as possible, should be reduced activity or bed rest. Dialysis or about dialysis patients, such as recurrent severe and uncontrollable hematuria may consider using transcatheter renal artery embolization.

Adult polycystic kidney disease genetic rule?

36-year-old male
Health counseling description:
Adult polycystic kidney disease genetic rule?
Once treated and whether there is a history of allergies, genetic:
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Adult polycystic kidney disease is more common in clinical, its incidence in one-thousandth to two, and accounted for 5% to 10% of end-stage renal failure. Disease follow an autosomal dominant inheritance law, that men and women equal to the risk of disease; 2, one parent is sick, children have 50% of the cysts genes and the incidence of as parents are contracting this disease, the incidence of children increased to 75% ; 3, the sick children do not carry cyst genes to the next generation (grandchildren) will not develop the disease, that is not atavistic. True without parental genetic gene mutation incidence is rare. Square

The check is bilateral polycystic kidney disease now how to do

Female 34 years old
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Check is bilateral polycystic kidney disease, a large 1.9 cm, small lot. April 2008 check growth of 2.6 cm. The incidence and duration now how to do it: in 2000 found
Once treated and whether there is a history of allergies, genetic:
There is no history of obvious symptoms: bilateral tubal ectopic pregnancy resection hair no treatment auxiliary
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Hello, you check is bilateral polycystic kidney disease, a large 1.9 cm small check a large increase in April .2008 2.6 cm. Proposed system regular treatment, do not seek what remedies

Polycystic kidney What is the real reason?

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Polycystic kidney real reasons for not very clear, there are several theories: ① metabolic doctrine: that in the embryonic period due to the precipitation of salts in the renal tubular tubular obstruction cavity, fluid accumulation in the proximal segment and lead to cyst formation. (2) infection theory: Virchow-represented scholars that embryonic pyelonephritis renal tubular fibrosis causing obstruction, thus cyst formation. ③ vegetation doctrine: polycystic kidney disease usually presents the vibrant growth of the tumor, which was that it is a true neoplasm. Some people (Staemnier) called "cystadenoma fibrosis. (4) developmental defects: that during embryonic development, kidney Qu thin tube with kidney collecting duct or direct renal tubule calyceal kidney development suspend all or part of the connection, urine excretion impeded, glomerular and renal thin tube retention cyst. Most scholars support a theory

Polycystic kidney disease? What is polycystic kidney disease?

20-year-old male
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Polycystic kidney disease is a genetic disease. According to the genetic characteristics, divided into autosomal dominant hereditary polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD) and autosomal recessive hereditary polycystic kidney disease (ARPKD) two categories. Autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease common. ADPKD as autosomal dominant inheritance, which is characterized as having a familial aggregation, male and female disease, equal gender involvement opportunities, successive generations may occur in patients. Autosomal dominant hereditary polycystic kidney disease, also known as adult polycystic kidney disease, polycystic kidney disease is common. Deepening the understanding of the disease, the prognosis is significantly improved. ARPKD is autosomal recessive. Parents almost have the same history. Autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease, also known as infantile polycystic kidney disease, a rare type for polycystic kidney disease.

Kidneys polycystic renal multi-stones the maximum 0.8 * 1.4

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How to treat
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This situation is not the drug to treat the only surgery can consider doing minimally invasive percutaneous nephrolithotomy stone removal surgery, surgery without surgery, simply through a 1 cm skin incision to remove the kidney stones after 3-5 days to discharge. I hope my answers help you.

Polycystic kidney disease what the risk?

56-year-old male
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2004 found acid rose Youyao. In October 2004, in the hospital diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease.
Once treated and whether there is a history of allergies, genetic:
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How to prevent and how nursed back to health and normal life, pay attention to what? What are the risks?
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Adult polycystic kidney disease (AKPD) is the most common genetic diseases of the urinary system, the natural outcome is as the disease progresses, may eventually lead to renal insufficiency, uremia now taken only surgical treatment of clinical disease to delay the patient's clinical symptoms and the natural history of the disease as early as the mid-line cyst decortication. Treatment needs based on your blood pressure, kidney function, and low back pain, better cyst decortication minimally invasive laparoscopic decortication. Polycystic kidney disease is a genetic disease, it is recommended that blood relatives and you should also do the relevant checks


Kidney stones how treatment?

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Doctor Hello: Hello I have a problem: I had kidney stones, for a number of years, from time to time in medicine, but seem to have no root pruning, long time no pain, you can always feel some sorrow and grief waist sense sometimes urine, urine, weakness, sometimes have minor urinary frequency! If kidney, bladder at a little pain, there is not a stone in so strange? I'm 20-something, this pain so I was very upset! Please kindly doctor help answer, thank you
Doctor: Hello: based on the information you provide recommendations to the hospital to check for kidney stones the size, location, and take appropriate treatment measures. Are suffering from prostatitis, prostatic fluid can be routine testing!

Renal crystallization supposed?

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I go to the hospital because of pelvic inflammatory disease to do B identified several one echo area gets 3MM, ureters normal kidney, I ask ye Governance? Addition to drink plenty of water outside was it? Diet should pay attention to what it?
Doctor: Hello, Please speak more clearly please? Is what echo District? B super results? Big problem, it is recommended to drink lots of water. Both kidneys see several hyperechoic spot, the larger 3MM, rear with short acoustic shadow. CDFI: intrarenal blood flow distribution is still normal. The bilateral ureteral no significant expansion period no obvious abnormalities. Normal bladder morphology outline, the bladder wall is slightly rough, for the period through the sound is still good.

The leucocyte high archived

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Doctors, hello, my WBC is always repeated higher than a month before taking a prescription medicine, taking 30, two months everything is normal in the meantime until after withdrawal. But today, found that white blood cells high?? 12 microscope seized. Would like to ask your doctor how this is going, is really inflammation the body? Gender: Female, 26 Thank you
Doctor: Hello, I would like to ask is where white blood cells?
Patients: high urine leukocyte check out.
Doctor: urine problem?
Patients: no problem, just leukocyte morning check 10-12 afternoon 6-8, how is this going? And gynecological diseases? Can you have kidney disease?
Doctor: Consider inflammation. What are the symptoms?
Patients: the waist some sour, no other symptoms. Also, I have cervicitis, after treatment, there is a little bit of no good, the doctor said no treatment, is not this lead to? Thank you.
Doctor: take urine what stage of urine? Before in or after?
Patients: urine, the second to take urine slightly biased.
Doctor: or inflammation of the urethra, can continue to use traditional Chinese medicine.
Patient: That and cervicitis this
Doctor: little relationship. Cervicitis must thorough treatment.
Patient: I have treated with light waves, but a few months later, there is little to no good, the doctor can cure where he died, the drugs have the effect not guarantee, then lightwave therapy time, how can I to do it? The heard lightwave treatment impact on fertility.
Doctor: You can cure time.

Kidney stones belonging to the nephrotic this?

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Hello doctor: I have kidney stones more than two years, the original size is 19CM * 0.7CM meantime After two gravel, discharged six, seven small stones of the size of a grain of rice is not out after row. been taking excellent Cron Japanese, B-show four, the largest 6CM I need to go again rubble, or continue medication wait
I would also like to ask you a urine test results show that the residue calcium oxalate, whether it means the ingredients of my kidney stones is calcium oxalate then I In addition to the active treatment in the future, the diet should pay attention to what. I've heard a few patients, gravel occurring after renal atrophy, my broken twice in dare not go, I would like to ask you a great chance of this happening.
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Hello: Thank you for your attention, I would like to ask the rubble after hematuria, is not the kidney the internal substantive is damaged rubble after eating some anti-inflammatory drugs or tonic. Hello, you need to lithotripsy.
Too little drinking water for a bogey. Second, avoid excess nutrients. The three avoid excessive consumption of carbohydrates. Four bogey oxalic acid and more food. Contains large amounts of oxalic acid, spinach, lentils, tomatoes, celery, tofu, chocolate, tea contains oxalic acid is also a lot of patients with calcium oxalate stones should eat or avoid eating these foods. Five Note excessive drinking. Drinking can increase the excretion of uric acid in the urine and decreased urine output, beer may one o'clock diuretic, but often subsequently cause concentrated urine, so the stone patients less alcohol is appropriate. The bogey six food too fine. Edible food, the more refined and produce urine stone composition more. Crude food slowly absorbed, metabolite excretion than smooth, so urinary stone patients to proper eating more whole grains as well.
Do not have too much psychological pressure, not to his own bluff! The gravel may consider herbal conditioning!

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