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The Featured 'Six Get Across' Principle of Chronic Kidney Disease

The featured ‘Six Get Across’ principle
Chronic Kidney Disease is featured by a long course and so is the treatment. in addition, patients commonly get puzzled or lose their confidence when there is no obvious improvement after a long-term treatment, or for some patients who have been enjoying a relatively favorable recovery and after the elimination of obvious symptoms, they usually ignore the importance of persisting with continuous treatments.
Given the above mentioned situations, doctors of Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital bring up the ‘Six Get Across’ principle in order to acknowledge patients with their own illness condition as well as how to prevent the relapse of illness after the treatment.
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The followings are detailed explanation on ‘Six Get Across’ principle
Firstly, doctors will explain to patients about according to what examining indexes that they have drawn the due diagnosis, and why we have excluded the possibility of other diseases. Through this method, patients will get relatively more information about the causation of their disease as well as what factor are dangerous and inductive to their diseases.
Secondly, doctors will acknowledge the patients about to which degree has the disease progressed. This method aims at getting across general knowledge on the development process of Kidney Disease and makes patients have a general idea about there own illness condition, which includes what kind of complications can easily occur, what kind of treatment must be adopted immediately to prevent the aggravation of illness condition and so on.Stem Cell Therapy Treats Kidney Disease or Kidney Failure Herbal Medicine Treats Kidney Disease
Thirdly, doctors will make sure that patients can fully understand why the treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease has a long course. During this part of communication, doctors of the hospital will explain clearly why the elimination of exterior symptoms is not equivalent to the curing of Chronic Kidney Disease, and why western medicine can not prevent the aggravation of Kidney problems.
Fourthly, doctors will make clear the therapeutic mechanism of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy as well as other accompanying therapies like Immunotherapy ation, Immunoadsorption Blood Purification Technique and Medicated Baths and so on. Detailed explanation about what effects can these therapies separately or corporately achieved will help with rebuilding patients’ confidence as well as letting patients fully understand the process of the following treatments.
Fifthly, doctors must make it clear about to what degree can the patients’ illness condition be improved. Chronic Kidney Disease is a progressive loss of renal function, and the completely restoration of renal function is something unrealistic. Doctors need to get across the curative effects that can be achieved within a short term as well as the curative effects that can be expected a relatively long term after the treatment. all of these are based on the fully understanding of renal fibrosis process and this method prepares patients with knowledge about the may coming illness changes.
Sixthly, the final part of this principle aims at assuring maximally long-term curative effects. The treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease is featured by a long course, and the consequent treating is as important as these treatments they receive in hospital. And patients are also educated on how to handle with possible complications and how to avoid from dangerous factor that can easily lead to the aggravation of illness condition.

Through this ‘Six Get Across’ principle we can assure that patients will possess a general idea about their own illness conditions and the corresponding treatment methods, as well as how to cooperate with doctors in order to sustain a relatively more comfortable living.

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