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Cashew Nuts Good for Kidney

Cashew Nuts Good for Kidney

Cashew are nuts. Cashew nuts it contains certain vitamins and trace elements in good bate blood-vessel role to protect blood vessels, prevention and cardiovascular disease. And, if you eat cashew nuts, then you could maximise your uptake of Vitamin K by eating them with a probiotic food.
Cashew nuts, a richly sweet product of the cashew tree, have gained popularity in North America and Europe not only for their succulent flavor but for health benefits, too. Whether roasted, salted, sugared or covered in chocolate, the cashew nut, often used as a flavorful complement to appetizers, main dishes and deserts, packs a mix of nutrients and minerals not found in many common foods.
The cashew tree’s leaves and bark as well as the popular cashew apple possess herbal health benefits that include killing bacteria and germs, stopping diarrhea, drying secretions, increasing the libido, and reducing fever, blood sugar, blood pressure and body temperature, but unfortunately the byproducts of these parts of the cashew tree are not available in North America and Europe, mainly due to their highly perishable qualities.
But are Cashew Nuts Good for Kidney?
Cashew Nuts have Oxalates .Oxalates are chemical substances found in many plants, including cashews and other nuts. These chemical substances are eventually processed through the kidneys and excreted as urine. Oxalates sometimes combine with calcium to produce kidney stones, so if you have a tendency toward kidney stones, you should limit the number of cashews you eat.
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Tree nuts, such as walnuts, Brazil nuts and cashews, are common allergens, or substances that cause an allergic reaction. Allergens, while harmless in most people, cause the immune system to overreact in people who are allergic to them.
Alpha-Linolenic Acid
Alpha-linolenic acid is an essential nutrient that is found in some plants, and cashews have it in abundance. It can't be produced by the body, so must be ingested.
Cashews are never sold raw, but always roasted or steamed to remove the caustic nutshell liquid, or CNSL, which is quite toxic, according to the "Book of Edible Nuts" CNSL contains cardol and anacardic acid, substances also found in poison oak and poison ivy.

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