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47 yrs.old .my sister have kidney problem.her kidney is already shrunk,dialysis 3 times a week.

47 yrs.old .my sister have kidney problem.her kidney is already shrunk,dialysis 3times a week.

As mentioned, there is already kidney shrinkage with her case. I am not sure whether she has adopted dialysis, if so, how long she experienced dialysis? Kidney disease is a progression of kidney cells becoming damaged and necrotic. I will explain you more here.
Given your present condition, and if analyzed from cytology, there are three types of cells in the kidneys. There are healthy functional cells, damaged cells and necrotic cells. Healthy cells are working excessively, and if checked by Biopsy, we can find these cells are enlarged. Long term overloaded station makes them fragile to any external influence like infection. And this is the reason why some patient with stable condition may experience sharp kidney function decline after an infection like serious cold. As to these damaged cells, they are still working but partial incapability, and they are on the road of becoming necrotic. As to these necrotic cells, frankly speaking, there is no method to restore their function. So, treatments should focus on protecting these healthy cells, restoring these damaged cells and replenishing more functional cells through stem cell transplant to replace these died kidney cells.
For most patients, if treated well, their kidney function will have some room for improvement. As to your sister's condition, please reply me with more details on her medical history and present condition. Recent medical reports will be much more helpful for analyzing her condition.

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