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Kidney Cyst 24 * 25 mm, right kidney cyst 101 * 47 mm , 118 * 56 mm,

Kidney Cyst 24 * 25 mm, right kidney cyst 101 * 47 mm , 118 * 56 mm,
The cysts are not so big and your kidney is also not seriously enlarged, so i doubt that your kidney function should also be in a relative good condition. But, how about your blood pressure?
Seriously speaking, for your condition, it is the best treatment time because you can still live normally if we control the disease at present condition and you will not need to worry about the disease in the future.
To be honest, we had patient from India and as far as we know, Ayurveda is good at maintain body health, but not so good at treating the cysts. If the cysts can not be treated, they will become bigger and bigger, causing more pressure to surrounding kidney. Then finally, kidney function decline. You also said five family members died from this disease, so I believe that you also know clear about the severity of the disease and its terrible prognosis if no treatment is taken.
Now, we have treatment for Polycystic kidney disease. After the treatment, the cysts can be controlled and kidney function is improved. Some of our PKD patients also stop dialysis after a period of dialysis.

On one hand, we need to increase the permeability of renal tubule epithelial cells in order to increase the absorption of the inner fluid, and then the fluid can discharge out of body with urine. After some period treatment in hospital, the most direct effect is increasing foam in urine. Why foam occurs? The cyst fluid has high tension than urine, so when cyst fluid is discharged with urine, it will form more foam, but if patient have urine test, no protein is found. At the same time, cyst inner pressure also decreases. At the same time, the pressure from cyst to renal parenchyma decreases. At this moment, kidney function can also get some improvement to some degree.
On the other hand, we need to inhibit the activity of renal tubule epithelial cells so as to stop it secreting more cyst fluid. This can stop further cyst enlargement and further progression of the disease. Besides, damaged kidney function can be repaired by activating blood circulation, removing stasis as well as repairment. By the way, we can get a relative satisfied and prospective treatment effect.
From the above, we can see that the treatment is to treat the disease from the cysts, which is more fundamental and effective than only medicine for blood pressure or even dialysis. Once the cysts are controlled at early stage, the further progression of the disease can also be stopped so you will not need to worry about dialysis in the future. At the same time, different with the surgery which is only working on larger cyst, the treatment is working on all the kidney or each renal tubule, so all the cysts can be controlled. But honestly speaking, I can not give you 100% promise that we can remove all the cysts completely because it is kind of genetic disease. What i can promise is that we will do our best to control the disease at this stage so that you can live a normal range. This is already a very good result for PKD patients.

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