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Creatinine high 520, ATN/Cortical Necrosis,where can we go for this treatment?

6 year old with ATN/Cortical Necrosis following traumatic premature birth +/- bilateral hypodysplasia. creatinine currently 205 and heading towards transplant.is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy an option? where can we go for this treatment. At birth his creatinine reached a dangerously high 520. Within 4 months it fell to 90. Over the 1st 5 years of life it rose to 170.Today however, it has reached 223.

His doctor is right and kidney transplant will be the final choice if his creatinine keeps increasing. But, sincerely speaking, he is only 6 years old and we all feel worried about whether his body can burden this big operation. Anyway, this is much too big operation for a 6 year-old boy.At birth his creatinine reached a dangerously high 520. Within 4 months it fell to 90. Over the 1st 5 years of life it rose to 170.

In your message, you asked us about the micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy. To be honest, I am a doctor and I have the responsibility to tell you the truth. This therapy is good to protect his present kidney function, but it can not recover his kidney to normal size. His kidney is 5 cm as mentioned in your last email, which means the severity of fibrosis or scarring in his kidney. We should know that once kidney is damaged, there are three kinds of cells, health cells, damaged cells and sclerosed cells. We can only protect health cells and repair the damaged cells, but this therapy, micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy, can not make the sclerosed cells work again.
Now, what we can do is to keep his present condition stable, so that he can maintain his present health condition for a relative longer time. In this way, even doctor decide to offer kidney transplant finally, his body condition is better than now, which can get a relative high success rate of kidney transplant and also a better prognosis. If you talk with his doctor, I think he will also tell you clearly that the success rate as well as prognosis of kidney transplant is not so good for such a little boy. So, now the best results is to keep his condition stable and protect present kidney function, so as to keep him live a better life.
If you have any questions or difficulties about the treatment, please let me know directly and we can work together to solve the problems.

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