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Acute renal failure is good therapy ?

Hello my friend ! Acute renal failure is good therapy ? Many patients are very concerned about this issue , any kind of kidney disease can lead to kidney failure phenomenon, but such cases are mostly chronic renal failure. Acute renal failure is usually due to poisoning, infection , or physical trauma due. The presence of acute renal failure in general and their own characteristics, compared with chronic renal failure may see faster therapeutic effect in the treatment , but the prognosis consolidation needs attention. In addition , we recommend the use of dialysis patients do not easily way because dialysis fundamentally achieve therapeutic effect, can only play a sustained effect. Dialysis patients with long-term use will not only produce dependence , or even allow patients to gradually lose the remaining kidney function ! Patients still exist urine , it shows their kidney function has not been completely lost , there are still a lot reversibility. ... Expert Hotline : -
Hello ! Acute renal failure is good therapy ? , Had chronic renal failure have any questions about treatment options ? Beijing Hospital of therapeutic effects? < , But now is the detoxification function of the kidney fibrosis decreased glomerular sclerosis cause of kidney alone is not enough but will increase the burden on the kidneys , the key now is
What is the treatment of chronic renal failure ? Let what to eat ?
Acute renal failure is good therapy ? , What is the treatment of chronic renal failure ? Let what to eat ? Have a great relationship . What is the treatment of chronic renal failure ? This problem has been read ! Chronic renal failure was mainly due to long-term kidney disease, along with the time and the disease, decreased kidney function , resulting in renal failure . Chronic renal failure due to the effect of renal hypertension , acidosis, hyperkalemia, sodium and water retention , anemia and toxic substances , etc. , can be heart failure , arrhythmias, and myocardial damage and so on. Since urea ( possibly uric acid ) in the stimulation effect can also occur aseptic pericarditis, patients determined before the pain , smell and pericardial friction rub physical examination . Severe pericardial cavity cellulose and bloody exudate appears. Slow early renal failure , interstitial nitrogen removal sanguine disease , but often have no clinical symptoms, but only showed symptoms of the underlying disease , to the progression of the disease to the disabled ...
Today this issue , we sat down briefly . To cure the disease , and many factors combine , especially the development of uremia renal failure , multiple organ clinical appearance , integrated multi-system trauma syndrome group , the disease complex , varied , difficult for a clinical treatment method A drugs to improve , so the main renal failure divided by TCM syndrome outside and take enema , herbal medicine bath , traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture therapy hot iron . In recent years , through the efforts of the majority of Chinese medicine practitioners especially kidney specialist hospital workers

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