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Advantages and disadvantages of the treatment of nephrotic syndrome

Treatment of nephrotic syndrome has been the problem of the medical profession. Nephrotic syndrome mainly massive proteinuria, edema, hyperlipidemia, hypoalbuminemia four symptoms With deepening of nephrotic syndrome, the treatment of nephrotic syndrome also in various fields continue to study Chinese medicine and Western medicine treatment are more common. That Which better? Below do the advantages and disadvantages of the treatment of nephrotic syndrome contrast, from which we can get some information to help you choose the right treatment.
Using traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of nephrotic syndrome: Select Chinese medicine treatment or acupuncture and other auxiliary treatment.
Lee: side effects, and can be treated fundamentally, is particularly suitable for hormone-insensitive crowd.
Disadvantages: treatment time is too long, slow to bear fruit, the complexity of the treatment process, resulting in treatment is not in place and prone to relapse.
Western medicine treatment of nephrotic syndrome: mainly taking hormones, immunosuppressant drugs such treatment.
Lee: rely on hormones, immunosuppressants to clear a variety of illnesses, quick.
Disadvantages: You can not eliminate the root cause side effects, often recurrent phenomenon.

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