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Parsing concurrent symptoms of nephrotic syndrome

Nephrotic syndrome is a stubborn illness, the basic characteristics of high proteinuria, hypoalbuminemia, edema and hyperlipidemia, difficult to treat, and great harm. At the same time, the nephrotic syndrome is often associated with many concurrent symptoms. Concurrent symptoms of nephrotic syndrome today detailed analysis for everyone, we want to help.
Parsing concurrent symptoms of nephrotic syndrome:
1 infection: mainly for pneumococcal pneumonia and peritonitis or sepsis. Due to the protein malnutrition · IgG level is low and complement protein component of low levels of leukocyte function decline, low ferritin and low zinc hyperlipidemia can lead to reduced immune function.
2 renal tubular dysfunction: because the massive proteinuria ultimately caused proximal tubular dysfunction. Showed renal Boring urine, urinary amino acids and proximal renal tubular acidosis.
Renal injury: the original glomerular diseases induced filtration rate decreased, renal arteriosclerosis, so the decline in glomerular filtration capacity.
4. Precipitating cardiovascular disease: long-term hyperlipidemia, especially plasma LDL concentrations, can trigger the hardening of the coronary arteries.
Thrombosis: antithrombotic factor, and serotonin original activity decreased ability to increase platelet aggregation, blood viscosity makes blood hypercoagulable state.

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