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Children with nephrotic syndrome treatment commonly used drugs introduced

Children with nephrotic syndrome is a serious harm to the health of children diseases. For the treatment of children with nephrotic syndrome, involves the use of many drugs, following treatment of children with nephrotic syndrome commonly used drugs for everyone.
Children with nephrotic syndrome treatment commonly used drugs:
1. The Tripterygium 1 to 1.5mg / (kg · d) orally 3 times for kidney periods of each type.
2. Nephritis edema piece every time two, 2 to 3 times a day, the cold dampness spleen card suitable for renal disease.
3 of Niaoduqing particles each time 9g, 2 to 3 times a day for nephropathy in renal insufficiency uremia.
Nourishing the liver and kidney pills each time 3g, 3 times a day for a recovery period of liver and kidney nephropathy card.
5. Qiangshen piece 0.3g per piece, each 2 to 3, 3 times a day for yin and yang deficiency of kidney qi, not astringent edema.
In addition to the above commonly used drugs in children with nephrotic syndrome treatment, the following recommended several Pianfangyanfang for everyone, we want to help:
1. Astragalus 30 ~ 60g, Motherwort 15 ~ 30g, of Rhizoma Imperatae 30 ~~ 60g, jujube 10, decoction, one day, fractional service for nephropathy spleen and blood stasis, hot and humid.
Corn 60g, decoction, times service for nephrotic edema, proteinuria, hyperlipidemia.
Health Astragalus the Shi Wei 15g, Corn the Rhizoma Imperatae the 30g, Salvia 9g. Shuijianbi.

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