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60 years old,sugar level at 5.3,Creatinine is 706,

I am now 60 years old now and I was diagnosed 10 years ago. My pressure is ok at 130/80. I am generally very fit with my sugar level at 5.3. I have not established if anyone in my family had pkd but I think it came from my mother who died at age 64 more that 30 years ago.
The cysts have steadily grown and my g f r has been going down systematically . It Is now 7. Creatinine is now 706. Carbon dioxide is 106 and urea is 23.3
For my condition my Doctor thinks I am ok and not needing dialysis now.

Doctor answer
i have read your Medical report, here i can analyze it for you and then give you some corresponding suggestions. Hope my suggestions can do you some help,
First we can see that the electrolyte level is a little disordered, which can be shown as the higher S-potassium and S-chloride, If the potassium level is high, it can make the burdern to the heart heavier, the patient may show the symptom of weak and arrhythmia, so at this time, some diet low in potassium is necessary for you.
For the higher S-chloride, it is an underlying factor which may cause the higher blood pressure. fortunately, you are controlling your blood pressure well, that can lessen the burdern of the kidney.
For the low Egfr and high creatinine level, i think it is the high time to raise your kidney function and creat a cleaner inner environment, then have you been on dialysis? how many times of dialysis do you take in one week? and how is your urine output now in 24 hours? do you show swelling now? All these are very important to estimate the prognosis of the disease.
You know the cysts on the kidney are growing all the time, and when they big enough, there exists the potential rise that they may break, and worsen the kidney function directly, moreover, your controlling blood sugar level well is rather helpful for the protection to the kidney function.
Now, what kind of medication are you taking to keep your kidney function? and what treatment is your local doctor suggesting for you?
Mr Willing, what we should do now is try to clean the toxins accumulating inner the body, and regulate the disordered inner environment, meanwhile, try to keep your kidney function, only by this way can we pave the way for the further treatment, which seems rather complicated though, but we should be with full confidence, i will also be on your side try to help you with all the problems, if you get any questions please ask me freely.

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