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Creatinine Level Is 5? Do Not Be Afraid!

Many patients have such a question: my creatinine level is 5, could I avoid dialysis? Do not be afraid, your condition could avoid dialysis if you find the proper treatment. Now let us give you some guidance to help you treat your disease actively, get the biggest effect on your condition and reduce your creatinine level. Only you have a high quality life, your family members could set their minds at rest.

What Are the Adverse Effects of Excessive Creatinine in the Human Body

If the creatinine level increase to 8, we call it uremia in clinical. It shows that almost kidney function has lost and the kidney cannot work again. In the body of the environment disorder, renal fibrosis, renal tubular atrophy, the resulting damage is irreversible. As we all know that the kidney is the organ of our body to carry out the function of blood filtration, metabolism and so on. When the cells in kidney have been damaged to a degree, the renal cannot play a normal kidney function so that cannot maintain the function of blood filtration and other functions. It would lead to much toxins and waste accumulate in glomerular basement membrane which could progress the renal fibrosis and lead to many symptoms such as swelling, protein in urine etc.

How to Lower Creatinine Level 7.09 With Herbal Treatment

In clinical treatment, there are two kinds treatment could help uremia patients: western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. Western medicine usually use dialysis and kidney transplant to improve patients’ condition, but there are many side effects of these treatments. However, the method of traditional Chinese medicine not only could relieve the symptoms, also could treat the root of disease at the same time. And traditional Chinese medicine has a strong restorative and drug resistance which could help patients repair their damaged kidneys and improve the kidney function.

Medically Approved Diet to Reduce Creatinine Level

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