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Protein Diet for You with Kidney Failure at Home

Nearly all the people with Kidney Failure have known that high quality protein diet is the nutritional treatment which they should obey as a law. If patients are in hospital, the diet is the obligation of physicians and nurses. However, if they discharge from hospital, what should they do to control the intake of protein well? There are some tips for you, and I hope can help you take nutritional treatment when you are at home.

Excessively limited intake of protein will lead to malnutrition, however, excessively intake of protein may do harm to kidney. According to medical expert’s research, there is a basic method for the people with Kidney Failure.

For the people with kidney disease, the intake of protein should range from 0.6g to 0.8g per 1 kg every day, for example, if your weight is 50kg, the intake of protein should range from 30g to 40g.Are Fenugreek Seeds Good for Kidney Failure Patients

The intake of protein should reduce corresponding with the degree of Kidney Failure, for example,
♦When the person is at the early stage of Kidney Failure with serum creatinine 2.5mg/dl, the intake of protein should range from 0.7g to 0.9g;
♦When the volume of serum creatinine arrives at 5.0mg/dl, the intake of protein should range from 0.6g to 0.7g.
♦If the person has Diabetic Nephropathy, the intake of protein should be more than the Kidney Failure without Diabetes, the increased volume ranges from 0.05g to 0.2g.

Many people may ask everyday we only eat dozens of grams of protein, will we feel hungry? In nutriology, the volume of protein which should be taken does not refer to the total volume of the food. Since the food not only contains protein, but also water, fibrosis, fat, starch and so on.

The volume of protein which 100g the following foods contain
Lean pork: 16.7g
Beef: 20g
Chicken: 23g
Grass carp: 17.9g
Rice: 2.6g
Potato: 1.9g
Pumpkin: 0.5g
One egg: 5g
What Can I Eat If Have Kidney Failure
What I mentioned above should be paid attention to by the people with Kidney Failure, which plays an important role in nutritional treatment. To overcome the Kidney Failure should depend on the efforts made by all of us. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us on line.

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