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What Medicine Is Out There to Stop Progression of Protein in Urine

Protein in urine (Proteinuria) is one of early symptoms for patients with kidney disease, which means the kidneys has been damaged. With progression of the condition, patients may prone to suffer from more symptoms like fatigue, swelling, malnutrition, etc. Therefore, a appropriate treatment plays an important role in stopping the condition.

Conventional therapy

Chinese Herbal Medication for Too Much Protein in Urine

Generally speaking, patients with protein leakage in urine are suggested to keep a low-protein diet, whose purpose is to decrease the kidneys’ burden, and take medicines like ACE inhibitors and ARBs to treat proteinuria and protect kidneys.

In addition, steroid drugs and immunosuppressant are commonly applied to relieve protein in urine. We do not deny that the medicines can help control proteinuria rapidly, however, we have to admit that long-term intake of western medicines also will have side effects for patients. What’s more, when they stop taking the medicines or reduce the dosage of medicines, protein in urine can be worsen again.

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Comparatively speaking, Chinese Medicine Therapies are much better than western medicines. Because Chinese herbs have no side effects for renal disease patients. So far, in China, Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital makes full use of the Chinese herbal medicines to treat a series symptoms and complications of kidney disease. So if you can come to China for treatments, you can add my whatsapp/Viber +8615512139310 for learning more details.

Well then, what are the Chinese Medicine Therapies?

One of the most popular treatments is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. On the basis of anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, dilating blood vessels and expelling immune complexes, the activate ingredients in Chinese Medicine can come to damaged kidney tissues directly with the help of osmosis machine. In this way, damaged kidney can be repaired and patients’ kidney function can work again. Thus, proteinuria can be blocked.

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Other assistant therapies like Medicated Bath, Foot Bath, Acupuncture, Enema, Mai-Kang Composition, etc not only controls symptoms but also treat the disease from the root. Besides, they have no side effects and is much favored by kidney disease patients.

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