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Natural Remedies to Treat Blood in Urine

Blood in urine or hematuria can be visible by naked eyes or only with a microscope. Because it is one indicator of urinary system disorders, we would like to introduce some natural remedies to manage blood urine.

Firstly, we should make clear the causes of blood urine.

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Many conditions can trigger blood to leak through the urine, but this problem is mainly associated with urinary system diseases such as kidney tumor, kidney damage, urinary tract infections, kidney stone, urinary tract stone, urinary tract tumor, and so on. Different causes need different managements. Therefore, it is necessary to detect the underlying cause before taking any treatment.

Because we are from Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, we mainly talk about the condition in which hematuria is caused by kidney damage.

Secondly, patients should have more rest in bed.

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No matter which is the direct cause, patients with blood in urine are always suggested to have more rest and avoid overwork or high level of physical activity. This can prevent urinary tract infections and the aggravation of blood urine.

Thirdly, eat more foods that are good for these patients.

As introduced by renal dietitian, patients are suggested to eat celery, parsley, the horse orchild, day lily, fresh lotus root, peanut, and so on. These foods can help ease patients’ blood urine to some extent. To determine what foods are good for you, you can email to kidneyservice@hotmail.com.

Lastly, accept herbal therapies that can manage blood urine.

If blood urine is due to kidney damage, some herbal therapies that can help repair damaged kidney cells and rebuild kidney filtering structure effectively. For example, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is one therapy that can help rebuild kidney structure and keep blood cells from leaking effectively. Try it, so you can find an obvious difference.

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