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Is High Serum Creatinine Dangerous

Our kidneys are made up of millions of small unit structures called as nephrons. Those structures can normally filtrate blood, remove wastes into blood, regulate erythrocyte and acid-base balance, and secrete hormones so as to maintain stable physiological state. Constant high serum creatinine directly point to impaired kidney filtration system. Patients with high serum creatinine are often combined with the following conditions:
1. Fluid retention: water and sodium retain in the body as kidney filters are impaired, which can result in swelling (edema) in eyelids, face, hands or the lower limbs. In some severe conditions, fluid can be deposited in the lungs and cause congestive heart failure. Blood pressure may rise because of the excess fluid.
2. Metabolic acidosis, or increased acidity of the body due to the inability to manufacture bicarbonate, will alter enzyme and oxygen metabolism, thus resulting in organ failure.
3. Inability to excrete potassium and rising blood potassium levels is associated with heart rhythm disturbances including ventricular tachycardia and ventricular filrillation.
4. Increased urea levels which can affect normal function in various organs, such as thinking alteration in the brain, inflammation of heart lining, and decreased muscle function due to low calcium level.
5. Anemia and weakness: failing kidneys can not enough enough erythropoietin to stimulate the bone morrow, thus resulting in anemia and overall weakness.
6. As waste products build in the blood, loss of appetite and lethargy will become obvious. In severe conditions, mental function reduction and coma may occur.
Diabetes belong to a special group of patients who tend to experience more complications from diabetes, such as diabetic retinopathy, foot disease, cardiovascular diseases, nerve damage and so on. Lowering down blood sugar and blood pressure can help to slow down progression.
General evaluation for your specific condition will be analyzed by nephrologists so as to control your complications and decrease life threatens with positive measures. Those with moderate complications can prolong the time to start dialysis. But for those with severe complications like very high potassium level, heart disease, cerebral disease, or with GFR<10, dialysis should also be started so as to ensure your safety.
While controlling complications positively, combined therapies of stem cell transplant and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy are advised to repair your kidneys and decrease creatinine in a more fundamental way.

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