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Micro-based medicine how to treat uremia

A variety of ailments and a variety of living environment factors, many people are still enduring the torture of uremia. Loss of renal function caused by uremia, cause people can not live a normal life, or even loss of life. Hemodialysis has become their only hope to survive. But even so, dialysis, nor can they fully misery, this is because the side effects of dialysis can not be ignored. Uremic patients should be how to do it? Is it only obediently die?
What is herbal medicine?
Many people know very little about Chinese herbal medicine, herbal medicine can be called traditional Chinese medicine. China has a long history in the use of traditional Chinese medicine to treat various diseases. Under the guidance of a wealth of experience and continue to explore, we have created and perfected a number of traditional Chinese medicine treatment prescription. All traditional Chinese medicine from nature, safe and without side effects, applicable to all types of people. Under normal circumstances, after boiling to extract the active ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine, to enable patients to dose form of a decoction. With the development of medical science in recent years have also the advent of tablets of Chinese medicine. Efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine in regulating the body balance of yin and yang, the immune system, reconstruction, repair body damaged tissue with Western medicine can not be compared.
Hospital's team of experts over the years to study traditional Chinese medicine treatment of uremia, the rich experience of hospital physicians, can provide you with an important remedy for a variety of effective treatment of uremia. In addition, the hospital's original Micro infiltration therapy of Chinese medicine for patients to solve the "Good medicine tastes bitter" troubled.
Uremia that is, end-stage renal failure, end-stage renal failure in patients with renal depleted? And traditional Chinese medicine is how to reverse this negative situation? Maximum effectiveness of the micro-Chinese medicine, namely the vasodilator, anti-inflammatory, anticoagulant, As a result, the flow of blood can be more smooth in the blood vessels, so blood circulation more smoothly. Therefore, the kidneys will get more blood supply, thereby reducing the inflammation caused by ischemia and hypoxia. In addition, more blood filter will prompt the body to produce more urine to flush out the metabolic waste, to reduce the damage caused by the metabolic waste deposition to other body organs.
More importantly, the micro after the Chinese medicine has a stronger drug activity, and give full play to traditional Chinese medicine treatment of this feature, so that the traditional Chinese medicine molecular chain broken again link the formation of new features while. Also injured glomerular basement membrane, removal of immune complex deposition in the basement membrane and diseased tissue, repair damaged basement membrane. This approach is to repair the kidney disease gene, kidney disease and damaged cells, and start the damaged tissue cells, DNA replication, prompting impaired renal structural changes, impaired kidney function was restored.
The same time, micro-based traditional Chinese medicine for the cell growth provides many essential elements, these ingredients help the recovery process of the kidney cells to speed up. If most of the damaged cells of the kidney have been restored, the patient's renal function also improved. As a result, would be able to avoid dialysis or out of the dialysis.
Micro-medicine treatment of uremia treatment of choice for you not to be missed.

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