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How should the treatment of chronic nephritis

How to treat chronic nephritis? Chronic nephritis is an extremely long duration of the disease, the treatment needs of the long process. Symptoms of chronic nephritis treatment, but also against the symptoms were treated. General treatment commonly used to most of the hormone and immunosuppressant treatment, some patients using Chinese medicine treatment. Attention for the symptoms, treatment.
So, how should the treatment of chronic nephritis? Following simple to do to explain the different symptoms:
General treatment: patients need treatment at the same time to ensure good physical spirit and mentality. If the patient's blood pressure drops relieve urinary abnormalities, patients can regular walking, gradually increasing the activities of some mild, but not a sudden increase in the volume of activities.
2 treatment of edema: mild edema, nephritis patients without treatment, salt restriction, and the rest can disappear. Patients with significant edema generally intermittent application, available drug treatment is better than continuous application.
3 anti-infection: patients in the case of infection focus give enough anti-infection treatment, no infection focus, do not generally properly.

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