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What are the symptoms of children with nephrotic syndrome in children will be

In children with nephrotic syndrome in children, what the symptoms? Salient features of children with nephrotic syndrome are highly swollen. Children of the lower limbs, head, face, torso can be swollen, especially the more obvious parts of loose tissue, such as the eyelids, the boy's scrotum was swollen like light bulbs, as well as visceral serous cavity effusion, pleural effusion and ascites.
Children with nephrotic syndrome in children, what the symptoms? Edema serious skin thin and translucent, the skin slightly damage would seepage. Edema affecting blood circulation, reduce local resistance, and prone to infection. Nephrotic syndrome urine contains a lot of protein, urinary protein up to 24-hour urinary protein excretion increased urine routine examination. Blood laboratory tests can be found in the serum albumin decreased, so that the normal white globulin ratio of 1 to 1.5 to 0.5, a ratio inversion occurs, plasma cholesterol
White stripes or purple patterns in children with nephrotic syndrome in children, what the symptoms? Some sick children in the thigh and medial upper arm, abdomen and chest and pregnant women similar skin, decreased urine output.
Performance of protein malnutrition can occur due to long-term urinary loss of protein, dry hair yellow dwarf, follicular keratosis, dry skin, the white stripes (toe), growth retardation, anemia and susceptible. Some sick children with hematuria and hypertension.
Longer course of nephrotic syndrome, vulnerable to repeated attacks. The greatest danger is secondary infection, such as skin erysipelas, intestinal infections, pneumonia, primary peritonitis and sepsis, etc., and any secondary infection can cause death. The treatment of many diseases, treatment is no longer confined to the treatment of Western medicine, began to turn their attention to the Chinese medical practitioners.

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