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Nephrotic syndrome eating hormone can eat traditional Chinese medicine

[Kidney disease] Hello doctor will want to consult any problems, you can say something, to help you analyze.
[Kidney patients] nephrotic syndrome eating hormone while eat traditional Chinese medicine. Hello! I would like to ask what is under hormonal drugs? I eat what medicine?
[Kidney disease doctor you now what happens? Hormones are anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic product, such as prednisone, dexamethasone (Buddha mimatsu) are all hormones, long-term use may lead to dependency, so that the body fat. Produce osteoporosis , inhibit the growth and development of children.
[Kidney patients with nephrotic syndrome
Nephropathy doctors urine protein occult blood a few numbers, some eat and some can not eat
The [kidney patients urinary protein
[Kidney disease doctors what age? Urine protein urine by acidifying heating opacity detected. Normal daily urinary excretion of protein is generally 40 to 80 mg up to 150 mg, known as physiological proteinuria. Generally normal human urine proteinuria containing protein amount up to 150 mg over 150 mg / day, that belongs to the abnormal proteinuria. [Kidney patients urine protein, no occult blood, 25
Get this disease nephropathy doctors how long? Nephropathy occult blood is kidney inflammation reaction, kidney inherent cells damaged, the glomerular filtration barrier is damaged, increased permeability of the glomerular blood cells leak to clinical urine occult blood in urine.
Kidney patients for more than a year
Nephropathy doctors] renal comprehensive disease combining Chinese and Western
[Kidney patients eat together?, Or separately to eat
[Nephropathy doctors] you are using hormone it?
[Kidney patients] my ears rang, accompanied by headache
[The nephrotic doctors] occult blood fundamental reasons because impaired renal intrinsic cells, the glomerular filtration barrier is damaged, blocked macromolecules blood erythrocyte leakage due to a reduced ability. Therefore, to treat urinary occult blood, the most fundamental is to repair damaged glomerular filtration barrier convalescent filtration function.

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