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How to not relapse nephrotic syndrome in children

How can children with nephrotic syndrome recurrence? My son is 3 years and a half, protein 2.51 for 24 hours a few days ago, diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome, now go to the Beijing Children's Hospital for treatment, I would like to ask indicators recovery is not to taking medicine now, after a few years of treatment of this disease are not able to completely cure no recurrence? children can exercise? nephrotic syndrome in children how to not relapse? nephrotic syndrome four major symptoms: a lot of proteinuria, hypoproteinemia edema and high blood cholesterol, more easily in repeated as the treatment of problems. A major focus of the crowd is the industry of children with nephrotic syndrome. According to the situation you describe, your son's condition is more common in children with nephrotic syndrome. First, be sure that children with nephrotic syndrome in children can have a good prognosis, determine the outcome of the process, you said it right, selection of traditional Chinese medicine, Western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, Western medicine is very important, the treatment is not the root of the problem is key.
Many children with nephrotic syndrome children with parents are very anxious, understandable, whose patience has a limit. "Treatment - experienced remission - relapse - treatment - remission - relapse - again treatment - mitigation - recurrence "physical and psychological suffering, the people's confidence will always be combat to. But this disease not urgent, in order not to relapse, you must adhere to.
How can children with nephrotic syndrome does not recur? Must be close coordination between doctors, patients, their families, you have enough patience and confidence, to treat reasonable, adherence to treatment, your son will certainly have a healthy body and a better future .

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