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Nephrotic syndrome can not be cured ah?

Patients with nephrotic syndrome can not be cured? Nephrotic syndrome can cure this problem, is subject to many factors.
On the one hand is the type of the disease itself, and the other hand, patients with the extent of treatment.
Patients with nephrotic syndrome can not be cured? Many patients are used in the treatment of kidney disease, hormone treatment, the role of hormone therapy in symptomatic eliminate protein, but prolonged hormone therapy will produce a lot of side effects, and great to be hormone dependent. This point is that the patient must pay attention to. Repair kidney damage cells in the treatment of nephrotic syndrome must fundamentally prevent protein leakage.
Nephrotic syndrome is not a single disease, it is a large class of disease (ie, the "syndrome"), the pathological diagnosis of "minimal change" prognosis best focal segmental glomerulosclerosis and mesangial capillary glomerulonephritis worst prognosis. Minimal change from 90% to 95% of the children is the first application of hormone therapy, but 85% may have recurrence. Recurrence is more common in the first year than later. If a children 3 to 4 years no recurrence after 95% chance of recurrence.Development of minimal change to the less uremia, the vast majority died of infection or hormones, immunosuppressants serious side effects. Nephrotic syndrome is not genetic, patients with no recurrence of the disease within two years, and has been discontinued, so can be considered children, but must be conducted under the prescription.
Patients with nephrotic syndrome can not be cured ah? Nephrotic syndrome "third by treatment, seven by the care of chronic disease, if the patient does not attach importance to the accepted norms of scientific treatment not worry too much about the fear of the side effects of the hormone, superstition" remedies, ancestral drug "does not comply with doctor's orders to take medicine, referral, do not pay attention to proper diet and daily care, the recurrence of the disease easier to more difficult to cure! treatment must repair treatment for kidney damage cells, prevent disease repeated relapse.

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