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Nephrotic Syndrome and Pregnancy, Do you want do baby?

Nephrotic Syndrome and Pregnancy, Do you want do baby?

Can Nephrotic Syndrome patients get pregnant? If Nephrotic Syndrome patients want to get pregnant, what are the requirements?
The dangers for Nephrotic Syndrome patients to get pregnant:
First, for the Nephrotic Syndrome patients have a low plasma albumin, it will cause a decreased fetal growth and premature infant.
Second, gestation will aggravate the burden of the kidneys, so the disease condition will be further aggravated.
Third, the medicines the patients take like the hypotensive drugs, hormones will influence the fetal health. The option of the drugs: at the early 20 weeks of gestation, if the blood pressure is less than 150/100mmHg, the patients should better not take any medicines. For those with a higher blood pressure, methyldopa can be a good choice. ARB is forbidden. Hormones will definitely have effect on the growth of the fetus.
Then what are the requirements for them to get pregnant?
1. The Nephrotic Syndrome is stably controlled for more than two years, and in the two years, there is no hematuria, and proteinuria is under 0.5g every day.
2. Their renal functions are normal.
3. There is no hypertension or urinary tract infection.
4. The biopsy shows that pathology of Nephritis is mild, such as MCNS, mild mesangial proliferation, early stage of membranous nephropathy etc.
If all the above are followed by the patients they should ask for the doctor’s advice for starting pregnancy.
Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can help eliminate the deposit on the glomerular basement membrane which fundamentally clears away the various pathogenicity factors. At the same time, the medicines can repair the damaged basement membrane to make the damaged charge barrier refunction. Therefore, the protein will not leak from basement membrane then there will not be excess protein in the urine. After the charge barrier is repaired, the body fluid balance is maintained, and the inside and outside environment is improved, edema and hyperlipoidemia etc. will naturally disappear. After the patients’ condition become better, of course they can have shildren.

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