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Should the Patients with Kidney Diseases Drink More Water?

Should the patients drink more water?
During the treatment there is a strict request of food for the patients, this is directly related to the effects of treatment.
The experts told us that the nephropathy patients can drink water with a limitation.
When the kidney disease developed to the stage of uremia which indicates the exacerbation of kidney disease, the urine will decrease, the liquid intake may stay inside the body, result in a bad situation as: edema, elevation of blood pressure, even the lung edema. For this reason, the patients must strictly restrict intake of water, generally the intake of liquid approximately equals to the sum of the urination add 500 milliliter. the patients can increase the intake of water in a limitation if sweat a lot. Don’t forget to weigh the weight as a consideration of water intake.
There are totally about twenty thousand patients are treated in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital every year and almost all of them recovered with the concerted efforts of whole medial staff.

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