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The water can prevent kidney stone deterioration in renal failure

Kidney stone is an embarrassing disease because it reproduces quickly and can lead to many complications, most of which can cause kidney failure. It is more important to prevent its recurrence and renal failure than treating these diseases after they have occurred. In fact, attention to the daily water filling can greatly limit the stones and their complications.
  Drink more water
  If you have kidney stones, your doctor tends to ask you to drink more water. The water will increase the urine and can wash the gravel in the kidneys, which prevents the formation of kidney stones. What is the amount of "more water"? A person should drink 2000-3000 ml of water, about five or six bottles of water in a day. In general, the morning the water can be up to 500 to 1000 ml at least. in addition to keep the amount of urine, you should drink 500 ml of water and 300ml to 500ml extra after urinating. the left water can be supplied by food.
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  In hot weather, people will need more water due to sweating. You better drink a volume many times the water before you feel really thirsty. The same is the situation after vigorous sport. It is a good choice to drink two times in an hour, with 120 to 240 ml, less than half a bottle of water. Although milk, juice, and soup may be the means of supplying water on the body,
  Other ways to replenish the water
  Milk, juice, soup and other drinks are also ways to supply water to the body. They provide water left over meals, in addition to drinking water directly, but you must make sure they do not contain substances of easy excess to form kidney stones, such as calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate and purine. Wine or other alcoholic drinks, tea, coffee and even chicken soup is prohibited for people who tend to suffer from Kidney Stone, because they all contain high levels of purine.
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  So drinking water directly is the best way to replenish the water, avoid Kidney Stone, prevent infection and prevent kidney failure.

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