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What is Parapelvic Cyst

Many patients are unable to understand the concept of Parapelvic Cyst, as well as their causes and symptoms as well as treatment, etc. According to this problem, I would love to give some explanations for them.
  Parapelvic Cyst is a group of benign cysts originating from the renal parenchyma in the part of renal hilus. These cysts are quite rare, however, they are likely to block the surrounding ureter, and therefore may induce hydronephrosis and lithangiuria as well as infections, etc. If Parapelvic Cyst involves in renal artery, hypertension(high blood pressure) may be induced.
  Will People with Large Multiple Parapelvic Cysts Have Dialysis
  Parapelvic Cysts are simple renal cyst and they are adjacent to the renal pelvis or the renal sinus. The etiology of Parapelvic Cysts is various and the most cause is that these cysts come from lymphatic vessels, and they are often connected with Nephrolithiasis or Urinary Obstruction.
  In normal cases, there are no obvious symptoms or complaints for the patients, however, Parapelvic Cysts can cause flank pain, backache, hypertension, or hematuria, urinary tract infections or lead to other urinary obstruction related symptoms when they oppress the surround ureter or other nearing parts. Whether those symptoms occur often depends on the cysts’ specific locations, size and other factors.
  How Serious Is Bilateral Parapelvic Cysts
  As for the diagnosis of Parapelvic Cyst, renal ultrasound should be sufficient in the diagnosis. If there are difficult or doubtful situations, other inspections such as intravenous pyelography, CT abdomen or renal scintigraphy can all detect the urinary obstruction. Also, CT scan can show the pelvis and calyceal stretching under pressure, which can clearly distinguish various renal cysts. So patients can be diagnosed clearly whether they have Parapelvic Cyst or not based on the above mentioned different inspections as well as their medical histories.
  For the treatment toward Parpelvic Cyst, except the traditional Western methods such as surgery, traditional Chinese Medicine often shows a better therapeutic result. As a outstanding delegate of Chinese Medicine, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, adopted by our hospital, is a proper combination of traditional and modern technology, has successfully treated thousands of patients with Parpelvic Cysts and the kidney cysts are rarely to relapse.
  Above is the brief introduction of Parpelvic Cysts. If you or the people around you are suffering from it right now, we are glad to help you sincerely.

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