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 Top Seven Habits in Women Can Lead to Kidney Failure

  In recent years, women use various methods to protect their kidneys. Actually, many kinds of poor habits including living habits and eating habits are damaging Women's kidneys constantly, which Women have not noticed it. Therefore, in order to protect your kidneys, women should start from changing the top seven poor living habits.
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  1. Women do not like drinking water
  Metabolic wastes are mainly discharged out of body through liver as well as kidneys. Water and electrolyte balance is the most important function of kidneys. When discharging wastes out of body through urine, kidneys need enough water to support this function.
  2. Drinking beer
  If women drink much beer, especially for those who have been diagnosed with kidney disease, it will lead to deposition of trioxypurine, which will cause blockage of kidney tubules, thus leading to Kidney Failure.
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  3. Improper way to eat fruits and vegetables
  People usually think that people should eat more fruits and vegetables, which is good for people's health. However, as for people with Chronic Kidney Failure, if they eat more vegetables and fruits that contain high potassium, it will cause damage to kidneys. Therefore, people with Kidney Failure should control the containing of intake of vegetables and fruits. They should not drink overrich fruit juice and vegetable soup.
  4. Drinking beverage replaces drinking water
  Most women do not like drinking water because water us tasteless comparing with carbonated beverage such as soda water, coca cola and coffee and so on. There is caffeine containing in beverage which can lead to Hypertension. Hypertension is one of the important factors that can cause Kidney Failure.
  5. Eating too much meat
  There is much protein containing in meat. People should intake protein for 0.8g / kg weight. 300g meat contains 40g protein. People should not eat too much meat so as to avoid the damage to kidneys. 
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  6. Too much intake of salt
  Salt can be seen as a murder to kidneys. 95% salt is discharged out of human body so that overdosed salt can increase the burden of kidneys. In addition, Sodium in salt can lead to retention of water and then aggravate the burden of kidneys, which can even lead to Kidney Failure.
  7. Abusing medicines
  It is not rare to see that there are many people catch acute Kidney Failure because of the abuse of medicines such as fish gall as well as snake gall which usually be promoted that they have the function of tonifying Yang, clearing heat and detoxicating or treat whelk . Some of the medicines contain renal toxity, which not only damage kidneys but also will damage the whole body.
  We can see that there are seven factors that can lead to Kidney Failure and they all belong to poor living habit. If women can pay much attention to their living habit, they can avoid catching Kidney Failure.

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