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What to do with complication of Dialysis?

Due to the declining of kidney function, there are many metabolic wastes and toxins accumulated in blood. Dialysis is called artificial kidney which can replace kidneys to discharge these wastes out of blood. Dialysis is necessary for patients with Kidney Failure while dialysis will cause some complications. Here are some tips to deal with the complication during dialysis.
  ● Hypotension
  1. Causes: The first reason causing hypotension is the decreasing of effective blood volume. The second reason is the decreasing ability of vasoconstriction. The third one is the decreasing of cardiac output. It means the blood out from heart is decrease. The fourth one is poor biocompatibility of dialysis membrane.
  2. Tips for Hypotension. When patients with Kidney Failure have discomfort in chest, vomit and nausea, they should lie on the back and keep feet is higher than head as to slow down the blood flow. Oxygen uptake and 100-200ml physiological saline is needed. As for more serious disease, patients should have hypertonic saline, hypertonic glucose, albumin injected.
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  ● Muscle cramps (gastrocnemius, feet, upper limb and abdominal muscle)
  1. Causes: Hypotension can lead to muscle cramps. Ultrafiltration is higher and faster than normal range, which can lead to lighter weight than dry weight. I addition, low Sodium dialysis fluid can also lead to muscle cramps.
  2. Measures to deal with muscle cramp. Doctors should infuse hypertonic saline, hypertonic glucose. The set of filtration should proper and correct. At the same time, dialysis fluid should adjust Sodium up to 145mmol/L.
  Patients with Kidney Failure can do massage to the cramping part and then apply hot compress with towel. Before people go to sleep, they can put something under the legs. Women should not wear high-heeled shoes.
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  ● Arrhythmia
  1. Causes: Serum Potassium and calcium in body can lead to Arrhythmia. The second reason is caused by hypotension, decreasing blood volume of coronary artery circulation as well as and myocardial ischemia and hypoxia.
  2. Treatment and prevention. Doctors should monitor serum Potassium and calcium before and after dialysis so as to adjust electrolyte disorder. If there is serious arrhythmia, dialysis should be stopped immediately.
  Patients with Kidney Failure should have a good rest and keep a good mood. Enjoying light music for relax.
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  ● Heart Failure
  1. Causes: Hypertension, water and Sodium retention and people with declining of heart function can lead to heart failure during Dialysis.
  2. People with Kidney Failure should lie on bed and if feel uncomfortable, people can sit up and keep arms fall naturally. Intake enough heat and vitamin.
  Kindly Remind: Dialysis can cause some complications; however, dialysis is necessary for people with kidney failure. In order to get rid of dialysis as well as the complications caused by dialysis, people should take proper treatment. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Stem Cell Transplant can effectively recover kidney function. If kidneys can discharge wastes by themselves, dialysis can be avoided.

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