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Creatinine 2.1 and hypertension for over ten years, what is the treatment

Q: I have had hypertension for the last ten years. Now my creatinine level is
2.1, last BP reading was 140/90, what is the treatment?
A: Creatinine is metabolic product of muscle. It should normally be removed by the kidneys. Now your creatinine 2.1, which indicates your kidneys have been very severely impaired.
As for your condition, chronic and poorly controlled high blood pressure is a risk factor for developing kidney disorders. Usually, incidence rate of hypertensive kidney disorder is highest in those with hypertension over 8 years.
What Is Considered Critically High Creatinine Level
At the very initial time, hypertension will impair renal tubules which have concentration and dilution functions. This is manifested as nocturia, or frequent urination at night. Later on, patients can present proteinuria, intermittent blood in urine, etc. In progressing process of this disease, many patients are accompanied by other vascular disorders, such as retinopathy, left ventricular hypertrophy, coronary disease, etc. This makes the disease very complicated. It will be very good if you don’t have any of those conditions.
As for your condition, combined therapies of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and stem cell treatment can be of help for you: Is Patient with Creatinine 3.0 Supposed to Go Through Dialysis
Micro-Chinese Medicine has therapeutic effects of dilating renal blood vessels, eliminate infiltration of inflammatory cells, remit thrombosis and degenerate excellular matrixes. The treatment can block up further damage to glomerular endothelial cells and recover damaged kidney cells caused by renal ischemia, thus treating kidney disorders from its root cause.How to Reduce High Creatinine Level in Blood

Stem cell treatment means to inject new seed cells into the kidneys. They can differentiate into new glomerular cells, renal parenchyma cells and other types of kidney cells. The new kidney cells can take place of dead cells in the kidneys. In addition, stem cells can also activate kidney cells to secrete erythropoietin, and erythropoietin can promote secretion of red blood cells. This can improve blood circulation thus easing high blood pressure. Stem cell treatment for hypertension kidney disease can greatly improve kidney functions, lower creatinine and get rid of symptoms. It is latest biological therapy in treating kidney disorders.

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