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Proper Diet for Kidney Failure Patients

Kidney Failure patients should not only take treatment, but also need to pay
attention to the daily diet. Diet is important to everybody especially for patients with Renal Failure. Therefore, Renal Failure patients should pay attention to the following 5 points on diet.
1. How to control the intake of salt?
Diet Suggestions for Kidney Failure Patients on Eid-Al-Fitr
No matter which kind of kidney diseases you got, as long as there is edema, the patients should limit the salt intake. The daily salt intake should be limited within 1 gram when there is obvious edema while salt-free diet should be taken when with serious edema. When urine protein decreased and edema lightens, patients can appropriately increase salt intake, but salt intake should be no more than 5 grams. The purpose of low-salt diet is to decline the retention of water and sodium in the body, subside edema and reduce blood pressure.
It is better to take salt within 1-2 grams per day. There is no necessary to put the salt in vegetable, the salt is too little to be tasted, so you can change the way to take salt. You can eat sweet food for breakfast. When having lunch, you can put 1 gram salt in saucer, and dip salt with vegetable. In this way, the daily total intake of salt is constant, but you can taste saline taste and stimulate the appetite. Do remember: do not eat pickles, pickled vegetable, hot pickled mustard tuber, salty bread, deep-fried dough sticks, as well as die Purpuralgen, rape, spinach, fennel, celery, day lily, radish and so on, because these food is rich in sodium. If you take more these food, it equals to take more salt.
Food List for Stage IV Patients to Avoid Kidney Failure
2. How to take vegetable or fruit?
Kidney disease patients with normal urine volume but without oligurie or renal failure symptom should take more green vegetable and fruit in order to supplement enough vitamins. If urine volume decreases and is no more than 500ml, patients should selectively take some vegetable and fruit. Generally, vegetable and fruit are rich in potassium, but there is high potassium in blood serum for kidney disease patients with little urine. Hyperkalemia can lead to cardiac arrest and endangers life.
Vegetable, fruit and cereals are rich in potassium. Fruit with rich potassium include watermelon, banana, pineapple, mango, Chinese date, muskmelon etc. Vegetable with rich potassium include three-colored amaranth, spinach, celery, carrot, bamboo shoots, potato etc. Patients in oligurie stage should take little. If blood potassium is low after using diuretic, patients can eat more vegetable and fruit rich in potassium especially fresh vegetable and fruit.
Hami melon is rich in potassium ion and every 100 gram fresh contains 250 mg potassium. Excessive potassium ion in the body can cause heart disease, Bradycardia, heart block and endanger life. When with Renal Failure, GFR decreases as well as renal tubular function, potassium metabolic disorder, excessive potassium can not be excreted out of body, causing hyperkalemia. Therefore, patients with Renal Failure had better not eat hami melon.
3. How to schedule the three meals in a day for Uremia patients?

(1) Staple food and non-stable food for breakfast: fresh milk 100ml with 50 grams white sugar, or lotus power with white sugar mixed with boiling water, then some wheat starch cookies, or a little fried potato, or an egg. According to personal taste, you can add lotus seeds, Chinese date, roasted sweet potato, raisin, chicken or roasted potato.
What Diet Is Needed By Patients With Kidney Failure
(2) Staple food for lunch: wheat starch steamed bread, deep-fried dough cake, dumplings, steamed bun with stuffing, wonton etc.
(3) Staple food for super: you can take the same staple food as lunch.
4. Marine or aquatic products that Renal Failure patients can not eat.
When with Chronic Renal Failure, protein in urine will lost a lot, so when renal function is normal and the concentration of non protein nitrogen in blood is not high, the patients can supplement abundant protein. Renal Failure patients with urine volume decreased should not eat food rich in high protein. Otherwise, it will result in Uremia. Therefore, patients should not eat more marine or aquatic products with high protein, such as sea cucumber, dace, Chinese hering, yellow croaker, tigerfish, mandarin fish etc.
5. Meat that Renal Failure patients can not eat.

Renal Failure patients should limit protein intake, because protein metabolism can generate some nitrogenous products, which need to be excreted by kidneys. In oliguria stage of Renal Failure, due to the decline of urine volume, it will affect the excretion of waste. The waste buildup in the body can easily lead to Uremia. Therefore, Renal Failure patients should not eat more food rich in protein, such as ham, frog meat, chicken, pigeon meat, quail meat, sparrow meat etc.

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