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High Creatinine Levels in the Urine

As you may know, creatinine, the metabolic waste in the body, is flushed out of
the body along with urine, so the creatinine level in the urine is determined by the kidney's functions. This article will look at this issue.
If we want to find the creatinine level in the urine and blood, the test of creatinine clearance rate is often conducted. This test includes the comparison of creatinine in the urine with that in the blood. When the kidneys are not working well, it can cause the low creatinine level in the urine.
The normal creatinine clearance value for men is 90 to 140ml/min or 1.78 to 2.32ml/sec, while in women, it is 87 to 107ml/min or 1.45 to 1.78nk/sec. Here i want to say the creatinine clearance value is always go down along with the age after 20. Why Do I Feel Good Even My Creatinine Level is 7.2
Now let us take a look the high creatinine levels in the urine.
High creatinine level in the urine is often caused by various reasons, which may include strenuous exercises, muscle injury, burn, pregnancy, hypothyroidism or carbon monoxide poisoning, and furthermore, patients with original kidney diseases or problems could appear with the elevation of creatinine if the disease is complicated with infections, or dehydration in the body, even or their using of nephrotoxic drugs, etc. How to Reduce High Creatinine Level in Blood
So the high creatinine lelvel in the urine can be an indicator of serious kidney damage or other previous diseases. Moreover, other life inattentions, for example, over fatigues, bad rest, can also make the urine creatinine level elevated. What Is the Easiest and Fastest Way to Lower Creatinine Level
Now after we have clearly understood on the causes of high creatinine level in the urine, i guess you may have some idea on how to fix this problem. Yes, you are right. If the elevated creatinine leve is induced by the previous diseases, what patients should do is to treat the underlying diseases. If they are caused by other reasons, symptomatic treatment is effective.

Now i guess you have the knowledge about the causes of high creatinine levels in the urine as well as how to fix this problem.

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