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Therapeutic Mechanism of Micro-Chinese Medicine Omsotherapy

Micro-Chinese Medicine Omsotherapy has been used in China for 20 years but it is
a new therapy toward the world. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is produced based on Chinese herbal medicines, This kind of therapy is safe, and won't cause any side effects. This method not only put more medicines into renal lesion, but also enhance the use ration of medicines, avoid the gastroenteritis which is caused by oral taking medicines and also avoid medicines loss, as we know if medicines are taken by oral, medicines need to go through all digestive systems.
Pathological Mechanism of Micro-Chinese Medicine Omsotherapy:
1) Through promoting the permeability of cyst wall, cyst liquid will be reabsorbed into blood vessels, then will be discharged out of body along urine, so cysts will shrink gradually. And it also can restrain the secretion of cyst wall epithelial cell, so prevent cysts from growing again. Can Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Benefit PKD Patients with Dialysis
2) Through dilating the renal blood vessles, more nutrients in blood will be transferred into kidney lesions, so kidneys will get more nutrients to repair themselves. How Do Four-one Treatment Shrink Kidney Cyst
3) The cysts compress the kidneys leading to ischemia and anoxia internal environment of the kidneys. Through degrading the extracellular matrix, the internal environment of ischemia and hypoxia in the kidneys will be improved, and the perfusion flow of the blood to the kidneys will be increased, so the filtered ability of the kidneys will be improved.

This is the only way for patients with PKD to avoid kidney function damage. The increase of cysts can suppress the kidney tissues and cause kidney function damage. If you want to know more this therapy. Please write email at me.

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