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  Renal Failure caused by EHEC Infected Cucumber

  From the middle of May, 2011, the outbreak of EHEC which firstly happened in Germany is still spreading to other European countries. By May 29th, 10 people has been dead of EHEC and about 1000 people have been infected. Except Germany, many other countries, including Sweden, Denmark, England, Holland etc, all have reported infected cases. People in Europe fell into panic. German official in Department of Health reminded people not to eat cucumber, tomato and other vegetables temporarily.
  Department of Health in Germany reported there were three girls may die of eating EHEC infected cucumber. Related department in Germany doubted epidemic situation of EHEC was caused by infected cucumber. These EHEC infected cucumber may come from the two exporters of Almeria Province and Malaga Province in Spain. The two exporters have been forced to stop producing and selling at present.
  It has been confirmed that this epidemic situation was caused by ' Husec 41'--varient of EHEC. Symptoms of this disease include hemorrhagic diarrhea, damage to blood vessels and renal function. When the disease gets worse, it can lead to hemolytic uremic syndrome or Renal Failure, thus people can die of Renal Failure at last.What Stage Is Anuria in Renal Failure
  Due to this germ has drug resistance to many antibiotic, using antibiotic will strengthen the toxicity of the germ instead of killing it. Therefore, there isn't a good treatment method for this infection, which increases the worry of people.
  In Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, we have established a Immunoadsorption-focus Blood Purification Technical System. The therapeutic mechanism is that through hemodialysis we can clear up micro-molecular harmful substances in blood; through hemofiltration and hemoperfusion, we can get ride of moderate molecular harmful substances and macro-molecular harmful substance in blood separately; through blood immunoadsorption, we can eliminate immune complexes. By these processes, the blood will become relatively cleaner. Therefore, this method is named as Absorption and Purification. Especially through blood immunoadsorption, the toxicity in human body can be completely removed so as to avoid the patient from suffering from Renal Failure.

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