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 Different Symptoms Caused by Different Types of Kidney Cyst

  Kidney cysts seldom cause symptoms when the cysts are small. When people are getting old and the cysts are large, there are some symptoms
  People who have ever suffered from urinary tract infections are more likely to suffer from kidney cyst. In some cases, simple kidney cyst symptoms may include urinary tract infection that is observed frequently. On the contrary, in case of complex kidney cyst, one may observe many other symptoms that help in accurate diagnose of this disease.
  What Can Be Used to Help Kidney Cysts
  Some of the complex Kdney Cyst symptoms are mentioned below:
  Urinary tract infection (UTI)
  Blood in urine (Protein in urine)
  Abdominal pain
  Lower back pain
  High blood pressure (hypertension)
  It should be noted that calcium containing Kidney Cysts can lead to kidney stones. It is one of the most painful conditions in human beings. Kidney stone is caused when the level of calcium and uric acid in the body increases.
  How to Know If a Kidney Stone Passes or Kidney Cyst Burst
  When Kidney Cyst leads to kidney stone, the person experiences other symptoms like severe lower abdominal pain, severe lower back pain and difficulties in urination.
  Sometimes, these cysts rupture resulting in minor or severe symptoms. The following are the ruptured kidney cyst symptoms: Blood in urine (hematuria), Back and abdominal pain, Pain in waist and hips, Sepsis, Hemorrhage.

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