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Different Symptoms of Renal Cyst and Urinary Tract Infection


  Renal Cyst (Kidney Cyst) and Urinary Tract Infection are two kinds of diseases but they have very similar symptoms. Following are the common symptoms of renal cysts and Urinary Tract Infection. You can know what kind disease you may develop by it.
  Generally speaking, Renal Cysts do not cause symptoms or harm the kidneys when the cysts are small. In many cases, however, enlarged kidney cysts will cause following symptoms.
  Symptoms of renal cysts
  Back, flank or abdominal discomfort or pain
  Pain can occur when Renal Cysts enlarge and oppress surrounding tissues and organs. The cyst may rupture due to the big oppression.
  Blood in urine
  Sometimes Renal Cysts will be infected or suddenly start to bleed. When blood presents, you can find your urine is coffee (cola) colored, pink or red. But sometimes people have occult blood in urine which can be only detected by microscope.
  Protein in urine
  Protein in urine is one of the signs of Renal Cyst but the quantity of protein is not large. You may find plenty of small foam in urine, and they will not disappear quickly.
  High blood pressure
  People with Renal Cysts are often found to have high blood pressure. Kidney diseases have close relation with hypertension.
  If you have above symptoms, it is better to see a doctor and maybe following examinations are needed.
  Examinations to detect renal cysts
  Kidney Cysts are found by using computerized tomography (CT) scans or ultrasound.
  If you find cysts are large or cause serious symptoms, treatment of kidney cysts is needed.
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  Urinary tract infection symptoms
  A urinary tract infection (UTI) is a bacterial infection that affects any part of the urinary tract. It includes upper urinary tract infection (Pyelonephritis) and lower urinary tract infection (Urethritis and Cystitis).
  Not everyone with a UTI has symptoms. But most people get at least some symptoms.
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  Symptoms of Acute Pyelonephritis
  Feel bad all over-tired, fever, lose one's appetite, nausea, vomit, frequent micturition, urgent urination, odynuria; back pain and pressing pain at costolumbar point.
  Chronic Pyelonephritis
  The symptoms of it are the same with Acute Pyelonephritis. But these symptoms are lighter. There may be no fever, general malaise, etc. the symptoms of frequent micturition, urgent urination and odynuria are not obvious.
  Edema and hypertension
  Urethritis and Cystitis
  Frequent micturition, urgent urination, odynuria
  Pain in bladder area
  Secretion of urethra
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  If you have above symptoms, it is better to see a doctor and following examinations may be asked you to do by a doctor.
  Examinations to detect urinary tract infection
  Urinalysis is needed for pus and bacteria.
  Recurrent infections, ultrasound exam is recommended.
  * People who have ever suffered from urinary tract infections are more likely to suffer from kidney Cysts. Hence if you are diagnosed of Urinary Tract Infection, you need to ask the doctor that if you have Kidney Cysts. People who have urinary tract infections need to treat it timely. This is because Urinary Tract Infections can lead to kidney diseases, especially for women because they are easy to get infected due to physiological character.

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