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 The Function of Blood Circulation to Human Body

  If you have ever visited our website, you will have a general understand of our unique treatment method Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. The therapeutic mechanism of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is to expand blood vessels, repair damaged tissues and rebuild renal structures. Do you know why we should expand blood vessels and then promote blood micro-circulation for patients with kidney disease? You should understand the function of blood and kidney blood circulation.
  The function of blood
  Blood circulates inside our body. It not only has the function of delivering nutrient substance to each body part but also has the function of accumulating body waste and then excretes the garbage out of human body. When blood flows out of the heart, it delivers nutrients and oxygen to each body part. When blood flows to heart, it will deliver carbon dioxide and other wastes produced by organism to excretory organs, and then these wastes are discharged out of our body. The total volume of blood of an adult accounts for 8 percent of the body weight. Blood can produce a kind of special protein called antibody which can protect our body. This kind of antibody can cling to microorganism and stop its activity, thus helping other cells to surround, swallow and exterminate these microorganisms. Blood can also condense into lump which can block blooding wound and prevent blood running away and avoid the invasion of microorganisms.
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  The characteristics of kidney blood circulation
  1. Large volume of blood
  The blood of kidney directly comes from aorta abdominalis which accounts for one fourths or one fifths of cardiac output. Kidney is one of the organs which provide most abundant of blood. Large amount of blood not only can provide necessary oxygen and nutrients but more importantly it also can keep the forming process of urine.
  2. Uneven distribution of blood volume
  Cortex contains big volume of blood and flows fast which accounts for 90 percent of body blood. While the blood volume of medulla flows slow which accounts for only 10 percent of body blood. The blood volume will become lesser towards internal medullary mass. This is related to the function of filtration of cortex.
  3. Twice flowing through capillary nets
  Kidney blood flows through capillary nets for twice, first it flows through the glomerular capillary and then it flows through capillaries surrounding kidney tubules. The blood pressure of glomerulus is high which is good for glomerular filtration. While the blood pressure of capillaries surrounding kidney tubules is low because they filter out a lot of water.
  4. Vasa recta become loop shape which goes with medullary loop
  Vasa recta of kidney tubules both have descending limb and ascending limb which form into loop shape. There is anastomotic branch which goes with medullary loop of nephrons close to marrow. This plays very important role in urine concentration and urine dilution.
  5. Maintain a certain blood volume
  Kidney can regulate blood volume through auto-regulation, nerves and humoral regualation. Generally speaking, kidney mainly depends on auto-regulation to regulate stable blood volume so as to make sure kidney's normal function of forming urine. For some abnormal situations of organisms such as loss of blood, toxic shock and anoxia, sympathetic nerve and the regulation of humoral factors can lead to the decrease of kidney blood volume. This is meaningful for the provision of blood volume of important organs like heart and brain.
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  In a conclusion, kidney is an organ which provides the largeest amount of blood and the highest blood pressure in human body which have the function of discharging metabolic waste and toxins and overmuch water. After you know the importance of kidney blood circulation you will understand why expanding blood vessel with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is important.

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