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Simple Renal Cyst in Children

Simple renal cysts are very uncommon in children. This article is intended to look at the more knowledge about Simple Renal Cyst in children, and hope you can like it.
  First let us take a look at what is the Simple Real Cyst. Simple Renal Cysts are very common among cystic diseases. Usually simple kidney cysts more happen in one side of kidney with only one cyst. This disease is commonly seen in the adults. Only if the cyst is very large, in normal cases it will not influence the renal function. However, if cysts' wall has shown canceration complicated with renal carcinoma, surgery usually is needed as soon as possible.
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  Simple renal cysts, although common in adults, are rarely seen in children. They are usually asymptomatic (without symptoms) and are discovered accidentally during examination for other diseases, such as urinary tract infections, etc.
  Simple renal cysts in children are either caused by congenital disease or by postnatal diseases. The origin of this disease is similar to Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD), and their difference is just the matter of different degrees.
  If a renal cyst in children is just in the part of surrounding ureter, then it may induce the hydronephrosis, after that, infection could be complicated with. Medical research indicates that due to the renal tubules' obstruction and local ischaemia, animal may suffer from simple renal cysts.
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  Simple renal cysts happened in children have been reported, however, large cyst is still rarely could be seen in children. Cysts are may be cause due to the non-hereditary fetal malformations, genetic disorder or they may be rarely acquired. Cysts may also occur as an isolated finding of a syndrome.
  As for the treatment of simple renal cysts in children, surgical treatments not advised. On the contrary, conservative treatments such natural traditional Chinese medicine treatment, especially Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is recommended to these young patients. With this natural and effective conservative treatment, children with simple renal cysts are unlikely to suffer those side effects brought by surgeries. Hope this is helpful to you and your children.

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