Wish the patients with kidney disease a happy Christmas day ahead of time


  Memories from See-off Party

  I can not remember when we begin have the custom that when a patient leave our hospital, he or she will hold a party. Though there is no music, no light and even no big place for dancing in the hospital, both the patients and medical staff enjoy it. We regard the party as the beginning of healthy life for the patient who will discharge from our hospital.
  It is known that people will take part in a party when they are happy. However, as a doctor when taking part in each party, I feel sad for I know we will not see each other for a long time. Usually, at the end of the party in the hospital, my patients will talk something with us with tears in their eye. After one month treatment, we have regarded each other as our family members. They are always thanks to our treatments, in fact, it is them who have taught us a lot and I should be grateful to them. Today, after finishing a party, I recalled one of my patients, Amen.
  Amen is an Indian young man who has Renal Failure since he was 18 years old. After spending nearly 10 hours on plan, train and car, he arrived at our hospital in the evening. Before seeing him, I had read his test reports and had a general understanding about his condition. Honestly, his condition was serious for his serum creatinine was very high and he had no urine for three months. I asked the nurse to prepare wheel chair for him for I thought it is a long journey from India to China. However, when he arrived at our D-building, he wore a warm smile on his face. I talked with him in my poor English: "welcome. How are you?" "Oh, I am fine. Please do not worry about me for I believe you can bring health to me." He shook hands with me tightly. Though I have treated many patients with more serious condition, I did not have full confidence in treating each patients for kidney disease is complicated and knotty. It was his full believing brought me the confidence which make me to learn more about the disease. Each time when I prescribe medicines to my patients, I always think it over. Patients have put their life to me and I must be careful and responsible for their health. No matter how small the tablet is, I should think about the whole effects of the medicine.
  When I recalled Amen, his warm smile will appear in my brain clearly. No matter how pain the injection is, he accept with smile. No matter how bitter the medicine is, he takes with smile. No matter how serious his swelling is, he cooperate with smile. He smiles all the time except on the see-off party. He held my hands in his hands tightly, said thanks to me with tears. I said: "tears is not belong to you." he smiled again and asked me: "do you know why am I smile all the time?" I shook my head. He told me: "smile is a power that can keep all the pains and suffering away. When I smile, I feel I am not a patient. Well, when you smile, I find hope to be healthy." yes, smile is a strong power that make both my patients and I find hope and strength in fighting against the kidney disease. Thank you, Amen. You find health from our hospital and leave hope and confidence to us. Your warm smile and your tears on the party will be always in my mind.

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