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Does Kidney Cyst Equal to Kidney Cancer

Recently, there are many people ask the question that whether Kidney Cyst can lead to Kidney Cancer. We can only tell you that Many complex kidney cysts may have a low risk for being or becoming a kidney cancer. We have not found the definite relationship between Kidney Cyst and Kidney Cancer.
  According to some researches, the appearance of Kidney Cyst has effects on the risk to Kidney Cancer. Bosniak Classification provides information on the Kidney Cyst and Kidney Cancer. In this classification, Kidney Cyst can be divided into five categories. At the first category, lesions are simple benign cysts showing homogeneity, water content, and a sharp interface with adjacent renal parenchyma, with no wall thickening, calcification, or enhancement. At the fifth category, These are lesions with a nonuniform or enhancing thick wall, enhancing or large nodules in the wall, or clearly solid components in the cystic lesion. The cyst will aggravate during the five stages.
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  Seeing from Bosniak Classification, Bosniak category I complex kidney cysts have a less than 2% chance of being associated with a kidney cancer. Bosniak category II and III complex kidney cysts are associated with an approximately 18% and 33% chance of being associated with kidney cancer respectively. The majority (92%) of Bosniak IV complex kidney cysts are associated with kidney cancers. Most patients with Kidney Cyst worry that they may get Kidney Cancer, in fact, the relationship between Kidney Cyst and Kidney Cancer is not accepted widely. Patients should be calm to their condition. Instead of scaring yourself, it is better for you to see a doctor. Anyhow, any disease should be diagnosed by the medical results.
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  Different from other kidney disease, Kidney Cyst is not a serious disease for it seldom does harm to kidney function. Usually, if the size of cyst is less than 5cm and there is no symptoms on patients, it is unnecessary for them to take treatment. However, if it is the time for treatment of Kidney Cyst, but you take no treatment, it will do harm to kidney function surely. Now, there is no confirm answer that Kidney Cyst can lead to Kidney Cancer, so do not worry about it. Keeping active attitude and live scientific life are important.

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