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【How to eliminate urine protein?】

The first method is using hormone to control the urine protein, because the effect of hormone is to reduce the permeability of kidney cell, only this can promote the lack of protein. Horomne treatment can let the disease become better quickly, and this method is more mature, many hospital can do this. But if patients take hormone treatment the disease can recur very easily, and when the effect of drugs disappear or patients stop taking medicine, the disease is sure to recur.
What Is the Treatment for Diabetic Nephropathy with Proteinuria
The second is comprehensive treatment, this is through coordinating kidney cells to clear the toxin in the blood and kidney, promote the kidney cells continuing necrosis, maintain the kidney founction, and keep the compensatory of kidney, then to eliminate the urine protein. This treatment can treat the disease from the root, and can’t recur easily. But effective safety is slow. Because this treatment is to adjusted the disease from the cell, so no matter the choose of drugs or methods is very difficult, many hospital can’t do this.
Natural Treatment to Turn Refractory Proteinuria Negative
Our hospital take comprehensive treatment. Through advanced western treatment to ensure the source of protein and the detail damaged part of kidney, then we use Chinese medicine to clear the blood toxin in many ways, and cooperate with appropriate western medicine to enhance the treating speed.

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