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【What should nephritis with swollen face do?】



Q: What should nephritis with swollen face do? How can eliminate the swelling? I have suffered it for one month, taking hormones everyday with no effect.
A: The causes of nephritis edema are the following: Edema is the product of water and sodium metabolism, causing water and sodium retention. When it is over weight, there will be swelling.
Swollen face caused by plasma colloid osmotic pressure drop first avoid physical activity, cold, prevent infection. The protein intake is 0.5-0.8g per kilogram of body weight per day. Low protein diet can reduce glomerular hypertension, high perfusion and high filtration state, delay glomerulosclerosis and renal dysfunction.
Will Edema in Polycystic Kidney Disease Get Improved
Need low salt diet, low sodium intake, such as coix seed, rice, flour, zucchini, eggplant, cucumber, etc. At the same time eat more calcium rich foods such as shrimp, and eat more green leafy vegetables and potatoes, carrots, lettuce, etc.
Avoid eating more than oxalic acid or affect the absorption of calcium spinach, bamboo shoots, celery, beans.
Limit foods containing purine, in order to avoid the formation of uric acid and increase kidney damage.
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