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Why Do Dialysis Patients Suffer From Swelling

Why do dialysis patients suffer from swelling? Today let’s one of our patients to tell you the reason with his own experience.
This patient suffers from kidney failure. In his own country, there are only two treatment options. One is dialysis and the other is kidney transplant. He has accepted his doctor’s advice to take dialysis and at the same time wait for kidney donor. But we all know kidney donor is difficult to get.
During his dialysis period, he suffers from whole body swelling associated with difficult breath, poor sleep quality, poor appetite and other symptoms. In order to get better treatment, he finds our Chinese medicine treatments through Internet. He decides to come for our magic Chinese medicine treatments.
Dialysis can only help cleanse toxins temporarily but can not solve the root problem of kidney. With the increased numbers of dialysis, his kidney metabolism ability will become lower and lower. In our hospital-Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, we give patients Chinese medicine treatments along with dialysis. That is, Chinese medicines and dialysis combine together to treat your kidney problem. The active ingredients in Chinese medicines can protect residual kidney cells, supply a clean blood environment for restoring your kidneys, restore injured but not necrotic kidney cells so as to recover part of kidney function.
Why Do Dialysis Patients Suffer From SwellingWhy Do Dialysis Patients Suffer From Swelling
His swelling disappears with our Chinese medicine treatments. There are a series of Chinese medicine therapies including Medicated Bath, Medicated Foot Bath, Mai Kang Mixture, Moxibustion Therapy and Medicinal Soup, etc. Our hospital aims to treat kidney failure from the root. When renal function is improved, the kidneys can discharge excess fluid out. In this way, swelling goes away radically.
Why do dialysis patients experience swelling?
There are two reasons for this condition. On one hand, dialysis will lead to electrolyte disorder. Low albumin level will worsen your swelling. On the other hand, there is fibrosis pathological change, causing kidney function decline. In this condition, excess fluid in your body can not be excreted out of your body via kidneys so that there is fluid retention building up in your body. In this way, swelling is a sign.
From this patient’s experience, we can know although kidney disease is difficult to be correct, it can be healed as long as you find the correct treatment.

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