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Back Pain Caused by Complex Kidney Cysts

Complex renal cyst is a kind of renal cyst. The other type is simple renal cyst,
which is more common. Complex renal cyst can cause back pain in following conditions.
The kidney cysts can grow gradually and become enlarged, in which condition the cysts oppress surrounding tissues and organs. Then one with complex kidney cyst will have symptom of back pain.
Ruptured complex renal cysts can cause pain in the back, sides, abdomen and hips. The pain at that time could be worse.What Precautions Have I Do Take for Multiple Renal Cortical Cysts
Pain in the area of the kidneys can be caused by complex cyst infection. If the fluid in the cysts is infected, once a rupture occurs the infection is no longer contained and may spread to other areas of the body. How to shrink Kidney Cyst(Renal Cyst)
Bleeding into cysts could be another cause of pain.
In addition, another possible cause of pain is kidney stones.
Generally, dull pain in waist indicates cysts on kidney, while sharp pain indicates kidney stone. However, in some cases, people with cysts on kidney may feel sharp pain. If the pain occur suddenly, it may be kidney internal bleeding.
How to treat back pain caused by complex renal cyst ?
All above conditions indicate that complex renal cysts need to be treated. Once the cysts are treated, the back pain can be relieved.
Treatment of complex renal cysts Is There Anything I Can Do to Get Rid of Kidney Cyst Without Surgery
Surgeries to remove cysts on kidney
Some surgeries can remove your complex renal cysts, such as sclerotherapy operation or cyst decortication puncture, is often adopted to treat cyst about or more than 5cm in diameter. Is There Any Herbs That Can Shrink Kidney Cysts
Herbal medicine remove complex renal cyst

Usually, western medications will be used to relieve back pain rapidly when herbal medicine is using. But the problem of a cyst is still there. Therefore we use Chinese herbal medicine to shrink complex renal cysts. Once the cysts shrinks, there will no oppression and the back pain will not present. If the cyst ruptures, some herbs in traditional Chinese medicine help repair and protect the renal function.

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