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Does a 10cm Renal Cortical Cyst Need Treatment

Renal cortical cyst is one common kind of simple kidney cyst that is located in
the renal cortical areas. Different from the Polycystic Kidney Disease, the renal cortical cysts is caused by acquired factors after birth instead of congenital inflammations. Before it was thought that the cysts are caused by the hypoxia and ischemia in the kidneys, but the recent studies hold that the cysts may be related to the renal tubular diverticula. Along with the age, the renal cortical cysts will increase with the growth of the kidneys.
Actually the renal cortical cyst is such a common phenomenon especially in elder people that it is difficult to consider it as a disease. The incident of the renal cortical cyst will increase with the age. In a survey of people undergoing ultrasound for evaluation of non-kidney related problems, 15% of men and 7% of women aged 50 to 69 had a renal cortical cyst and one third of men and 15% of women older than 70 had a renal cyst. Just because of this fact, the renal cortical cysts are usually considered as a senile disease.
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Since most renal cortical cysts are benign and when the cyst is small in size, it does not cause substantial damages to the kidneys and the kidney functions will not be affected, so at this stage, patients usually don’t receive any special treatment except the regular checks and some diet suggestion. Another important reason is that the traditional treatments have no use on the small cysts.
When the diameter of the cysts is larger than 4cm, the enlarged cysts will oppress the surrounding kidney tissues and cause damages to the kidneys and affect kidney functions. In such kind of situations, proper treatment should be sought to remove or shrink the cysts so as to relieve the oppressed kidneys cells and tissues.
So in case of 10cm renal cortical cyst, patients need to receive effective treatment as soon as possible or the kidney will suffer from irreversible damages. What is more,10cm cyst is easy to rupture and cause infections, pains and many other symptoms and complications to the patients, so timely treatment is very necessary.Is There Anything I Can Do to Get Rid of Kidney Cyst Without Surgery
The conventional treatments for renal cortical cyst are puncture and decortication. They can help remove the cyst in a short time, but the already existing kidney damages can’t be repaired and the root cause of the cyst has not be solved, so the recurrent rate of the renal cortical cyst after the operation is very high.Where Do I Get Natural Ingredients to Shrink Complex Renal Cysts
Here I recommend the conservative treatment especially because the majority of the renal cortical cyst patients are elder people. The Chinese medicines can not only shrink the cysts, it can also repair kidney damages and improve kidney functions. Though it takes effect slowly than the operation, its curative effect can last for a long time. What’s more the treatment is natural and does not cause any side effects on pains during the whole course of the treatment.

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