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How to Eat after Hemodialysis

Kidney can be damaged seriously because of many reasons. At that time kidneys
loss function of filtration wastes from blood and the wastes and toxins will stay in human body, the accumulation of which will cause many symptoms. The result is end-stage kidney failure, which can be treated by dialysis. Proper food can supply nutrition and energy when dialysis causes losses of nutrient substance. Following diet tips are for people who are receiving dialysis:
Muscle and Bone Complication of Hemodialysis
Can Hemodialysis Be Used to Reverse Rising Creatinine Levels
In hemodialysis, a small quantity of amino acid and protein will be lost. Hence protein intake per day can be 1.0-1.2 gram per kilogram weight. This standard is suitable for patients who are receiving dialysis and condition is stable. But it is not enough for people who present malnutrition before dialysis and infection, heart disease, gastrointestinal tract diseases. Essential amino-acid and other nutrient are also needed.
Calories Alternative Treatments for Kidney Failure Other Than Hemodialysis or Kidney Transplant
Enough calories help human body utilizes protein effectively and enough nutrients can be stored. People who are receiving dialysis and have stable condition need 138.07—146.44 KJ per every kilogram weight.
Limit intake of cholesterol this is because people who are receiving dialysis often accompanied with hyperlipidemia. But some foods which have high cholesterol also have high protein such as meat and eggs etc. Patients can choose egg white, which contain much protein and less cholesterol. Fish or poultry are better than red meat or white meat. If There Are Any Side Effects of Hemodialysis

If people who are receiving dialysis take not enough food, vitamin may loss such as vitamin C, folic acid, vitamin B1, B6, A, etc.

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