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Creatinine and High Creatinine Level in Blood Caused by Kidney Diseases

In most cases, creatinine is mentioned because of kidney diseases. What is
creatinine? What is serum creatinine? Why creatinine level increases? What is the relation between serum creatinine and kidneys? What is the influence of high creatinine level? Read on to learn more about them.
What is creatinine? Treatment for Patients With Creatinine 5.96
Creatinine is the metabolin (a kind of waste) of muscles. When the blood with creatinine flows through kidneys, the creatinine will be filtrated by kidneys (glomerulus) and then excreted through urine. Therefore there are two kinds of creatinine, serum creatinine and urine creatinine. Almost all creatinine produced everyday can be excreted through urine. Normally, routine blood and urine tests show the levels of creatinine.
What is serum creatinine? How to Reduce High Creatinine Level in Blood
Serum creatinine is the concentration of a compound known as creatinine in the blood or urine. It is tested during routine metabolic panels, usually with the goal of evaluating a patient who may be at risk for kidney disease. The normal range of serum creatinine of male is 44-133umol/L (0.8~1.2mg/dL); female: 70-106umol/L ; children: 24.9~69.7umol/L . (In different countries, the normal range is a little different.) Is Strenuous Exercise Bad with High Creatinine Levels
Why creatinine level increases? What is the relation between serum creatinine and kidneys? What Cause Hypercreatinemia But Normal BUN
The kidney function (glomerulus filtration) may be damaged because of kidney diseases. And then creatinine can not be filtrated effectively by glomerulus to bladder, thus leading to serum creatinine increases because more creatinine produced by muscles will stay in blood. When Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) decreases to 50% of normal level, creatinine level begins to increase. High serum creatinine level does harms to human body.
What is the influence of high creatinine level?
Patients with high creatinine level in blood may have following symptoms: loss appetite, abdomen pain, nausea, vomiting, weakness, headache, coma, etc.
Besides high creatinine can cause following problems.
1 Renal osteodystrophy
2 Patients feel bone pain, normally of the whole body.

3 Thyroid dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, growth retardation, metabolism disorder, carbohydrate dysbolism, lipidosis, metabolism disorder of protein, amino acid, waste retention, etc

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