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Is There any Relation between Hypertension and Renal Cysts

Renal cysts and hypertension are both commonly seen in clinical. Generally,
patients diagnosed with renal cysts increase with the age: about 1/3 patients aged over 50 can be found with renal cysts. Meanwhile, the morbidity of hypertension also has a tendency of increase along with the age. So, is there any relation between two diseases? Let us take a look.
Bilateral Renal Cortical Cyst with Hypertension: How to Treat
The pathological changes of renal cysts originate from renal tubules. The proliferation of the epithelial cells in renal tubules makes the renal tubular walls protrude slightly, the inside of which accumulates the glomerulus filtration liquid or epithelial secretion. At last, along with the reconstruction of surrounding extracellular matrix, the independent cysts containing liquid inside are formed and these cysts are no longer linked with the renal tubules.
When these cysts grow up to certain sizes, they would oppress the renal parenchyma and make the kidney partly ischemia, and meantime, make the rennin-angiotensin system activated, so the secretion of rennin and angiotensin will increase, which will result in hypertension. Generally speaking, the cysts’ sizes, quantity and locations are the independent hazard factors for hypertension.Natural Treatment for Headache and Hypertension in PKD
Studies suggest that, renal cysts with their diameters over 5cm have the tendency to occur for the patients with hypertension aged over 60, and also, these cysts have a significant effect to the hypertension. Renal cysts situated in the renal hilus have a more obvious impact on hypertension than those cysts in surroundings. And furthermore, after these renal hilus-situated cysts have been removed, the hypertension has a remarkable improvement.Adult Polycystic Kidney Disease Causes Hypertension Recommended Treatment for Hypertension Caused by PKD
So, during the treatment of hypertension, we should pay special attention to its related symptoms or complications. Only if the depressurization and treatment are conducted simultaneously, the stability of the blood pressure can be guaranteed.
From the above we can see that, the treatment of the cysts is the key in the treatment of hypertension. The basic point is to prevent the cysts’ continuous growing so as to prevent their further damage to the kidney.

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