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Is Bilateral Kidney Cyst Serious

Q: I was detected to have bilateral kidney cyst, I want to know is it serious?
Best Answer
A: Bilateral kidney cyst is simple kidney cyst and whether it is serious depends whether it cause kidney damages.
Is There Any Herbs That Can Shrink Kidney Cysts
Generally speaking, if your cysts in kidneys are small and have not cause any kidney damages, it is unnecessary to treat it. However, you need to do B ultrasound to observe it regularly so as to know whether they are enlarging. Once you found it enlarges, you need to receive treatment to bring it under control; otherwise, kidney damages will be caused.
How to shrink Kidney Cyst(Renal Cyst)
Besides, if your cysts are large and have presented you some abnormal symptoms, you need to take some actions to get them shrunk and this is because only when cysts cause kidney damages, can you be presented with symptoms. Bilateral kidney cyst will result in renal failure if you do not avoid further kidney damages actively. The common signs caused by cyst include back pain, blood urine and elevated blood pressure.

Although not all the bilateral kidney cyst will cause kidney damages, if you do not take them seriously, you may be push into a quite dangerous condition.

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