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Is Surgery the Best Treatment for Kidney Cyst?

Is Surgery the Best Treatment for Kidney Cyst?
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In many countries, kidney patients adopt surgery as their major treatment for enlarged cysts. However, it is not the beast treatment for kidney cyst at all.
Firstly, surgery is just effective for the big cyst and it has nothing to do with the small cysts; so it can not treat kidney cyst fundamentally.
Secondly, when big cysts are removed, there is enough space for the small cysts and as a consequence of this, small cyst enlarges quickly. So, patients need to do surgery repeatedly.Is There Any Herbs That Can Shrink Kidney Cysts
Thirdly, surgery causes infection easily. When doctors remove big cyst from the kidney, the cystic fluid may flow into enterocoelia and thus cause peritonitis or other infections. All these infections can cause aggravation of kidney damages.

Moreover, many kidney cyst patients are told to wait until the cyst enlarges to a certain degree and this is because there is no effective treatment at all. In China, we adopt Chinese medicines to shrink cyst in kidney. If you are interested in our treatment, please contact us.

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